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international delegates, to be held on Thursday 17 March, is always one of the most vibrant, fun and best-attended events at the convention. ● The 6th Annual BASH for MDA’s Augie’s Quest will be held on Friday 18 March at the San Francisco Marriott. Presented by Augie’s Quest to benefi t the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s ALS Research Program, the event will be hosted by Natalie Morales of the TODAY show, and there will be a live performance by the band Sugar Ray. Learn more and register at ● A Networking Luncheon is scheduled for Saturday 19 March. The opportunity to network with club operators from around the world is one of the most requested IHRSA Convention activities each year, and IHRSA has responded to this demand by bringing back this popular event. Attendees can connect and share what they have learned at the convention on a host of topics, including personal training management, staff retention and incentives, marketing strategies, public relations strategies, franchising, revenue growth, corporate fi tness, membership sales, retention strategies and non-dues revenue. Pre-

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Looking back: IHRSA has published a commemorative yearbook marking its 30 years, which will be distributed at this year’s show

registration is required, at a cost of US$30 (£19) per person. ● Two golf outings to the beautiful Presidio Golf Course will take place on Saturday 19 March – one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. The course is a National Historic Landmark and has been open to the public since 1996. Prior to that it was a private course, operated for the military for more than 100 years.

30-year snapshot To commemorate its three decades,

IHRSA has published a 30th Anniversary Yearbook, to be distributed on-site to every convention attendee and sold via The IHRSA Store (on-site and at www. The yearbook features more than 400 biographies from IHRSA club and associate members, a 30-year industry timeline and much more. Visit for

more information and to register for the convention and/or trade show. On-site registration is also available.


See and sample the wares of more than 300 IHRSA associate member companies – 78 of them first-time exhibitors – at the always-bustling trade show. For a current list of exhibitors

by booth number, log on to or consult the IHRSA Exhibitor Directory, which will be available on-site at the show. Trade show-only delegates may

attend both days of the event, as well as taking part in exercise classes, early-morning workouts and Ask the Industry Leaders sessions. Trade show-only passes cost US$50 (£31).

Thursday 17 March ● 6–8am – Exercise classes ● 11am–6pm – Trade show

Friday 18 March ● 6–8.30am – Early morning workouts and exercise classes ● 11am–6pm – Trade show

Read Health Club Management online at 75


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