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Ten Questions With
Shaun Chatterton Chief Executive of CPD plc.
Q3 What was your first job?
I would invite Gordon Ramsey as my
second guest. I think he is a very interesting
My first job was a Clerical Officer with the
Inland Revenue, which I started straight after
guy and as an ex-footballer, he would be
finishing school.
able to join in with the conversation that
would inevitably be about football and sport!
Q4 If money was no object, what car
Keira Knightly would be my third guest. She’s
would you buy?
attractive, interesting and could add a female
A I’m already lucky enough to own a pretty balance to our all-male sporting conversation!
nice car – however if money was absolutely no
Who would I have to cook the food?
Each month we ask a cleaning
object, I’d have to buy a Bugatti Veyron! It’s the
Heston Blumenthal, he opened his now legendary
most expensive car in the world – not to
restaurant The Fat Duck in Bray in August 1995
industry professional the mention the fastest. Its top speed is 253 miles/
and has subsequently gained 3 Michelin Stars.
Tomorrow’s Cleaning 10
hour and is considered by many to be the
He gained his reputation for his unique innovative
Questions. This month, we
greatest, most magnificent car of all time.
style of cuisine and has been described as a
chatted to Shaun Chatterton,
Q5 In no more than 10 words, how would
culinary alchemist. I am sure that he would excite
Chief Executive of CPD plc, the
you improve the cleaning industry?
us with his cooking at our special dinner party,
UK’s leading supplier of cleaning
salmon poached in liquorice anyone?
Increase the professionalism, training and
rewards for all industry employees.
I would chose Stacey Kent and her husband
and hygiene products based in
Jim Tomlinson to provide the music. Stacey is
Hull, East Yorkshire…
Q6 What did you want to be when you
regarded as being the best female jazz vocalist
were little?
and her husband is an amazing saxophonist.
Q1 How did you get involved with the
A Without question, from a young age, it was
Together they could provide the most fantastic
cleaning industry?
always my ambition to sell toilet rolls of course! music for any occasion but particularly a
A I started my first job in the cleaning industry
Well, not quite, but I did want to be successful - dinner party.
over 30 years ago, with a local independent
as a professional footballer like most young
boys. Unfortunately I didn’t make it and now just
Q9 What, do you think, is the future of
company in Hull. I joined as a sales rep and
settle for being a dedicated football fan.
the cleaning industry?
was quickly promoted to Sales Director by the
age of 25, however this company was sold to a
A Like all commercial industry sectors, the
What do you do to unwind?
national firm several years later. Having
future of the cleaning industry lies with our
developed a passion for working in the industry,
A I enjoy playing golf in my spare time – ability to react to the effects of the worldwide
this was the catalyst for me setting up CPD in
which can either help me unwind or economic downturn. As an industry, we must
1988 and I have never looked back!
completely stress me out depending on how make significant changes to meet the evolving
I’m playing! I’m also a passionate football fan
needs of our customers – just like other
Q2 Who, in any other industry, do you and regularly watch Manchester United and industries have done. We must start by offering
most admire? Hull City play – another activity that isn’t great a faster service, reduced costs and better value
A Without a doubt, I most admire Philip Knight
for the stress levels either actually!
for money.
– co-founder of Nike. Not only did he help to
Q8 If you could have a dinner party with
Dominic Barnes of Branova asks…
create one of the largest brands in the world, he
is a hugely successful man with an estimated
any three people, dead or alive, with one
Q10 If you could have any super power,
net worth of $10 billion. His achievements do
other person cooking and one other person
what would it be?
not stop there – he is extremely generous and
providing the music, who would they be
and why?
A It would have to be the ability to see into
has ploughed millions of dollars back into
the future. That way, I’d be able to miss any of
society, regularly donating to schools and
My first guest would have to be the late
the games where Hull City or Manchester
charities. In fact, he made one of the largest
George Best. As a huge Manchester United
United lose next season!
charitable donations in history in 2006, when he fan, he’s an icon and one of my idols. I’m sure
donated $105 million to the Stanford Graduate he would be great fun and would make our
Look out for next month’s issue to see
School of Business in America. drinking pale into insignificance! what Shaun asks our next interviewee…
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