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Floorcare Products
The Hamster
• Cleaners – including a virucidal, remove to the laundry with NO HANDLING of the
Size and cost are the features which usually receive
bactericidal cleaner dirty mop.
the most attention in the upgrade of machinery, but
• Polish Strippers
The microfibre mops are secured onto the frame by
Hako Machines have
• Polishes two pockets and a clip. The frame is ‘broken’ by
placed intelligence at
• Maintainers
depressing a button with the foot and the mop
the centre of
remains attached until a small clip is released. A
development on the
• Gels
fresh pre soaked mop is dropped to the floor and
Hako-Hamster 500E
• Carpet Care– including Shampoo’s
the frame can be fed into the pockets and secured
walk-behind sweeper. • Cleaners for Scrubber Driers
by the clip. The mop is then ready to use.
The Hako-Hamster
For more information contact
500E delivers a or visit
powerful sweeping
Nilfisk launches Steel Built
performance on hard
Industrial Sweeper
floors and carpets. Its compact dimensions means
Deep cleaning, every day
The SR2000 ride on sweeper is of steel
that the manually operated sweeper is able to fully
with Kärcher construction and has a maximum sweeping width of
play to its advantages on smaller and narrow,
Cleaning machine specialist Kärcher has introduced 198cm. Ease of
restricted areas despite being the largest hopper in
a light weight, compact hard floor cleaner that operation and speed
its class.
spells an end to the problems associated with mop were the main
and bucket cleaning. The new BR 30/4 C scrubs considerations within
Overall, the new Hako-Hamster 500E offers
and dries floors in a single pass, saving time, the development
increased longevity, greater usability, and ultimately
giving better results and increasing safety when
improved results.
compared to mop and bucket cleaning.
The sweeper is capable of transporting over 800kg
The machine gives consistently high quality
of debris which can then be dumped up to a height
Salmon Resin-Set Brushware cleaning results on a variety of hard floor surfaces
of 152cm.
Most food manufacturing and catering areas, where and is ideal for locations
Extremely large water resistant filters control dust to
the security of monofilaments is of particular such as kitchens,
a size of 1 micron. For ease of use no tools are
importance, require Resin-Set brushware. changing areas, WCs and
required to change the panel filters.
Salmon Hygiene Technology has developed a very
even reception areas. The
effective improvement in brush filament retention,
30/4 also features a
The machines are available in Diesel, LPG and
where each tuft is stapled into the brush back with
vacuum-off function for
Petrol and all come with power steering and an
food grade stainless steel staples in the normal
deep cleaning of very dirty floors or stubborn
adjustable suspension seat with lower back support.
way, and then epoxy resin is floated into a recess on
stains, as well as a range of quick-change brushes
53cm industrial tyres are standard.
the face of the brush. The resin permeates the
to best suit each floor type. Safety remains paramount; all units are fitted with a
bottom of the tuft hole, covering the filaments and The BR 30/4 is as simple to operate as an upright
high temperature warning light that will alert the
staples as it goes. The resin seals the face of the
driver when hot items are swept into the hopper.
vacuum cleaner, and is compact enough to fit into
brush and makes the chance of a filament pulling tight spaces such as around toilets and under
out extremely remote, and inhibits the accumulation furniture.
Gems fights against floor slips
of dirt or moisture in the tuft holes.
Gems Hygiene is highlighting ways to combat the
• Total prevention of dirt, moisture and bacteria
tuft holes
Blik Pre-Soaking System
health and safety risks associated with slippery
build-ups around swimming pools.
• Resin-set filaments that last
Mopping a floor may seem like a simple enough
task but the slightest move could see you slip and
Step Safe from Gems is suitable for the daily
• Superior technology to all other methods
find yourself flat on your back in dirty water, mop
removal of body fats, water scale and bacteria in all
heads are always grimy, gritty and covered in dirt
wet areas, leaving a safe, slip-resistant finish.
Get Kontrol of your floors
and eventually a simple task has become
When left untreated, wet floors become covered in a
When it comes to Floorcare it can be difficult to find
something of a nightmare.
slippery film. Step Safe eliminates surface grease,
the perfect product for your floors. From carpets to Ramon Hygiene has solved these problems with a
yet has no impact on the hypochlorite ions used to
terrazzo, wood to tiles, Jeyes Professional offers a professional floorcare system that is both quick and
keep pools free from live microorganisms. It can
comprehensive range of specialist floor products to easy to use. The ‘Blik’ Pre-soaking System allows
even be applied while the facility is in use.
enhance the appearance of all types of floors. the cleaner to place the mop head on the frame and
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