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How can PIMMS help you
secure a job in tough times?
Each month we ask a
company, Matching you to the company and He had simply not bothered to see how
Recruitment professional for their
then lastly, Select your approach. starting at five in the morning meant he could
Compiling a personal inventory is simple; find
not use public transport to get to work. In other
advice on getting that dream job.
a quiet room and several sheets of blank
words, he had not mapped the job to his
This month, Del Hunter,
paper. Write on one sheet a list of adjectives
personal circumstances.
Managing Director of Corporate that your friends would use to describe you. Mapping the work place is common place for
Services Recruitment, tells us
Then write down comments from those who all prospective managers and typically
why PIMMS is the way forward.
you do not get on with. This part might not involves understanding the company. If you
leave you feeling too good, but it is very useful can visit then go and look around. Having
When recruiters
because they are wrong (of course) and so, some inside knowledge guarantees you have
get together for a
reverse what they say and add in “confidence” something to say and it will be unique (your
few drinks they
to your positives. Finally, write down the
personal subjective opinion), one the
have a habit of
hidden gem; what do you know you about
interviewer can not have heard before.
swapping stories
yourself that others seldom see?
Mapping the location and employer is not
about the
Why is this useful? Actually, this exercise is
enough. You need to see how you and they fit.
placement that
not useful, your personal inventory is vital. In
We call this Matching.
got away.
some form or other, these are the answers to
Of course these stories never make it to the
Matching is about connecting all of those
many of the questions most frequently asked
cold light of day, not just because they are
things from your personal inventory and
by interviewers.
decidedly, “unfunny” but because they are so
matching them to the information gleamed
common place that it truly beggars belief.
Next identify your successes. Before you start,
about your prospective employer. Match by
saying you are successful and demonstrating
listing what the company wants and then list
The plain and simple truth is, if you want a job
you are successful are two very different
one or more of your personal inventory that
or to work for a particular employer
things. Demonstrating success is about
best represents this against each requirement.
then you have to work at getting it. I can also measurable outcomes. Competency
Warning. One side effect of matching is that
say, from my many (yes rather more than I interviewers pretend to care about what you
you will soon see where you have gaps (e.g.
care to admit) years in recruitment, this article have achieved, but they do care about how you
location too far or salary too low). Don’t let
makes no guarantees other than; follow it and
know it was achieved. this put you off. Studies by the Personnel
you will improve your chances of success.
We all have successes and accomplishments
Management body (CIPD) clearly shows that
When I was learning to fly, check lists were in our lives, even if you have never held a job.
by far the majority of all new staff hires do not
provided for everything from pre-take off to I know one employer who hired a poorly
have most of the essential skills advertised. In
pre-landing actions. Easiest remembered as a educated seventeen year old school leaver
other words, you do not have to be perfect.
mnemonic, even in the middle of engine simply because the young man helped out on
Despite the best endeavours of technology we
failures at 23,000 feet, all pilots laboriously a milk round at 4am before going to school. If
are all busy people, demands on our time are
go through their checklists, ensuring they you think hard we all have successes. The increasing and therefore we need to Select
don’t miss out on anything that might avert interview is the time to bring them out of the carefully the most effective approach to reach
a disaster. closet and into relevance. the firm.
We have devised as simple mnemonic job One candidate I met recently bought a book on Consider how to contact them, make a great
hunting, PIMMS - not the tipple I’m afraid! Amazon, guarantying success at every first impression: is your CV tailored? Do you
Instead it stands for: Personal inventory, interview, yet he was thrown completely when need a salary negotiator? Do you want access
Identifying your successes, Mapping the asked, “How do you propose to get to work?”
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