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Franchise covered
In a society where “blame and claim” forms arrangement of bespoke insurance for your franchises or if you are a franchise
part of everyday culture, it is vital to ensure the arrangements for franchises for over 10 years within the cleaning industry looking for
adequacy and suitability of the business and are currently the sole insurance provider specialist insurance cover, please contact
insurance you have in place. to a number of the largest franchise operators Camberford Law plc.
As a franchise you will want to ensure that
in the cleaning sector.
your business insurance provides cover in the This has been achieved by understanding the
event of damage or injury caused to a requirements and concerns of both the
customer or their property. A franchisor on the franchisor and franchise and developing an
other hand will want certain assurances that insurance policy to cover the needs of both.
the franchise has adequate insurance to
If you would like to discuss your current
protect the business brand.
insurance requirements with a view to
Camberford Law plc have specialised in the developing specialist insurance arrangements
Why “the detail” is not just for retail
How does any business know
Face to face contact also utilises many of the and honing some simple skill sets within your
when they have delivered a
same skills and it is always worth organisation and ensuring that everyone in
remembering the old cliché that “first your business delivers this time after time.
“wow” customer experience? impressions count...” Though this may at first
Delighting the customer is the fundamental
Emma Holt of ConsultHolt
appear trite, remember, it is far easier to start a
difference that you can offer your end user and
Limited, gives us “the details.”
business relationship the right way, rather than
it is what can set you apart from your
spending huge volumes of time struggling to
competitors. If you use the above skills set to
improve an initial perception.
really understand and recognise what your
In these challenging times when all customers
After spending some time in the USA I saw customer wants – you are half way to be able
have a lot more choice and potentially less
how even the most simple service experience to deliver it.
money to spend – it is vital that you look at
can be enhanced and, as always, it seems to
what you offer and how you can do it better.
After all, all
be the small things that are the most
The retail business talks a lot about ‘The
businesses know
memorable. When you visit a supermarket –
Detail’ and most of us experience a level of
that retention is less
someone brings a trolley over to you and the
service in the retail/hospitality sector on a
expensive than
American consumer would be deeply
regular basis and could easily describe what
finding new
shocked to be expected to return this after
equates to both good AND bad service.
they have finished their shop. It all makes the
When trying to improve service it is important shopping ‘experience’ far more enjoyable and
Follow Emma on her blog “Tales from
to review each and every area where you and less hard work!
the sales floor” at:
your team come into contact with the customer.
How does this relate to B2B service – well, it is
The phone can be an extremely beneficial tool a great example of ‘delighting’ the customer. Contact Emma Holt of ConsultHolt Limited at
and is often the first contact you may have with
a B2B prospect, it is however, an often
When asked what attributes contribute to for more information.
overlooked and undervalued device. Smiling
customer service, it may seem deceptively
when answering the phone, showing that you
simple – but the best description I can give is
are really listening to the person on the other
“... give the customer what they want, when
end and re-capping any information or future
they want it and do better than anyone else.”
actions are all basic things – so why is this
How do you get your whole team to do this?
not always the case?
Well, the key to this is training, developing
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