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Box clever Keen to maintain its track record, bpi.recycled products, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of refuse sacks and similar materials to the cleaning industry, has decided to extend its highly popular Green Sack® range.

These 100% recycled polythene refuse sacks will now be complemented by a handy cube dispenser as well as by a DVD presenter.

Dispensing with tradition “Our new cube dispenser has been created to make a great product offering even better,” explains Guy Coates, Marketing Director from bpi.recycled products.

“Green Sacks already offer customers access to the greenest 100% recycled refuse sacks currently on the market thanks to the fact that they are produced from UK waste at UK facilities. This gives them a carbon footprint up to a third smaller than most other 100% recycled refuse sacks which are actually produced from waste recycled overseas.”

The cube is a simple concept but it adds value to both end-users and distributors alike. Bags on a roll can simply be pulled through a special aperture on the cube and then torn off as and when required. End-users will also find the cubes easier to store. Their square nature is obviously more suited to being stacked than a conventional roll.

The new cubes are available for a wide number of products within the Green Sack® range, including refuse sacks, compactor sacks, rubble sacks, pedal bin liners and swing bin liners.

Visible green credentials Keen to stress the genuine environmental advantages of its flagship refuse sacks, the manufacturer has launched a special Green Sacks® DVD presenter which details the important role played by Green Sacks® in diverting waste from landfill.

The DVD focuses on bpi.recycled products’ position as the largest recycler of waste polythene in Europe, its operation of a network of Environment Agency accredited sites across Great Britain and its ability

to reprocess in excess of 70,000 tonnes of polythene scrap per annum.

Commenting, Guy Coates adds: “The new DVD and cube dispenser may be the latest steps in the Green Sacks’ success story but they certainly won’t be the last. We are already exploring other developments and initiatives that will enable both distributors and end-users to deride further advantages from this innovative and highly sustainable range.”

Chicopee cloths with FFC approval In this ever changing marketplace where hygiene is one of the most important factors we face, J-Cloth® is able to give you the cutting edge difference. Stronger then ever, now with FCC approval according to the latest EU regulations.

The J-Cloth® wipes have been recently granted the Certificate of Compliance by the German test institute ISEGA for direct food contact. This means that this product was

examined according to the methods for testing food packaging. The J-Cloth® wipes passed all the tests and are in compliance with the rules of the Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 of the European Parliament.

What does this mean for you? It means that it’s safe to use J-Cloth® wipes as cleaning cloths even if the wipes come into direct or indirect contact with dry, moist or fatty foodstuffs. There is no danger for health and safety. Thus, if you intend to clean in areas where food has been prepared or otherwise been present, it is in your best interest to use a wipe that has Food Contact Clearance.

Should you be interested in receiving a sample of any of the J-Cloth® products or a copy of the Food Contact Clearance certificate, please visit our website Mosmatic innovation

Nowadays cleaning companies demand a great deal of manufacturers of high pressure cleaning equipment. Products for professional use have to save time, be efficient and be effective. Hence there is a need to unite these needs in to one high- quality product.

For this reason, the customers of the Swiss-based company Mosmatic AG, now have access to the wide range of stainless steel surface cleaners for professional use. All Mosmatic surface cleaners feature a specially engineered high rpm swivel and stainless steel rotor arm which guarantees long lasting operation under tough conditions.

One Mosmatic surface cleaner even includes an Air Recovery System, integrated gum remover and huge 750 mm stainless steel housing: The “FL-AHB-KAU 750”.

The Air Recovery System is a must for a dry and perfect cleaning job. An additional highlight is the special gum remover nozzle on the back of the surface cleaner, which lifts and breaks up the gum for easy removal.

The Mosmatic FL-AHB-KAU will be exhibited at the CMS in Berlin this month. Come and have a look for yourselves!

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