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Tomorrow’s Products
Clean air with Bactokill
machines). Other colours are available by special cleaner and sanitizer especially developed to kill
So now is the time to impact its spread in public
order. FlyShield Solo is quick to install and easy most microorganisms, including MSRA and C
places by installing the revolutionary new ultra
to service. Difficile, within two minutes of contact. However,
violet air sterilizer, Bactokill from Bower Products.
To find out more email or
with the ever-growing concerns over the spread of
Swine Flu the company have recently conducted
UV radiation is known to
further testing on the effectiveness of the wipes with
destroy the DNA in living
Girbau UK Adds Intelligence to
regard to the Influenza A Virus – H1N1.
matter and, given correct
its Biggest Washers
conditions of exposure and
Girbau UK has extended the availability of its
Supplied in an airtight envelope style pack to
intensity, has exhibited lethal
advanced Inteli programmable control system to
ensure the wipes will not dry out, the range is
anti-microbial effects against
include the three biggest washer extractors in its 6
available in three differing strengths:
virus particles as well as
Series range, the 44kg, 63kg and huge 122kg Polybioclean, a general purpose cleaning wipe for
bacteria and fungi.
capacity models. daily use on all hard surfaces. Taint free, these
Bactokill works very simply. Operated by a twin
hardworking wipes are available in packs of
speed motor, air stream passes into a first chamber
only available
100 wipes.
around a 60w high intensity UV lamp, into a second
on smaller Polybiofresh, a heavy-duty cleaning wipe that leaves
chamber with a similar lamp arrangement.
models in the a fresh, pleasant aroma after use, available in packs
Depending on the size of the area, Bactokill can
popular 6 of 100.
actually process up to three air passes in one hour.
series range, the Inteli control system offers 99
Polybioshield, is impregnated with a cleaner and
An optional natural oil dispenser can be inserted
different programs, 20 of which are pre-
sanitizer especially developed to kill most
into the unit to create a pleasant aroma.
programmed while the other 79 are modifiable
microorganisms, including Influenza A virus,
phase-to-phase for exceptional versatility.
Bactokill is totally portable and ideal for surgeries,
(h1N1), MSRA and C Difficile, available in packs
offices, hospitals, waiting rooms, nurseries…
Strong and durable, all washers in the 6 Series of 100.
in fact any public places where people and
range offer spin speeds of up to 1,000rpm and have
bacteria congregate.
been designed to provide excellent washing
performance with reduced cycle times. Girbau’s
Simple sole
To find out more, email or
patented GDRIVE system uses microprocessor
The Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser is the latest
control to optimise the high speed spin cycle to suit
innovation to be launched by Salmon Hygiene
Tomorrow’s fly killer, today
different types of fabric as well as saving energy
Technology typically known for manufacturing the
Introduced into the market earlier this year, the
and water, reducing noise and vibration and
world’s finest range of hygiene brushes. This
FlyShield Solo, as predicted, is taking both the UK
prolonging machine life.
amazing new device automatically dispenses a
and continental Europe by storm. Not only is it the
hygienic clean
Girbau UK’s top-selling HS6008 9kg washer
ideal reception area machine, but also, like all
wrapping around the
continues to be available with the LOGI controller
Bower Products’ fly killers, the FlyShield Solo is a
shoe as you step
offering eight modifiable programs. These can
good machine at an
into it. This product
include the latest Eco and Eco Express programs for
extremely competitive
can be used in
ultra-low energy consumption and effective washing
price: the obvious choice
numerous locations
of only lightly soiled laundry.
for cost conscious
including the home, factories, hospitals, hotels,
customers in these
schools, laboratories, museums, airports, farms
recessionary times.
and catering establishments.
Polybioshield protects against
Designed to sit on a table, bar or reception desk,
The Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser allows you to
this neat insect killing unit can be moved around
Polybioshield, one of a new range of biodegradable
effortlessly cover your shoes with a clean wrapping
easily and even wall mounted if surface space is
impregnated wipes from Robert Scott & Sons
avoiding the embarrassment of fitting them by hand
lacking. FlyShield Solo has an easy to change good
Limited has been especially developed for use
or removing shoes. This easy to load product
sized glue board and is available with one 20watt
in environmentally
improves hygiene and cleanliness and comes
high attraction energy saving uv lamp.
sensitive areas such as
complete with 100 covers.
hospitals and nursing
Designed and constructed in the UK by Bower
With so many uses for the Automatic Shoe Cover
Products, the well-known manufacturer of fly killing
Dispenser it is no surprise that this cleaning
machines, FlyShield Solo is made of light quality
The Polybioshield wipe
innovation is making its way into so many locations.
silver finish aluminium (unlike many imported
is impregnated with a
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