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Ergoclean to be market
leader, says Andrew
Rozalex gets makeover
“ErgoClean is the most
advanced professional
Rozalex, the makers of high quality occupational skin care products, are pleased to announce that the range
cleaning system in today’s
has been revitalised with a new label design.
marketplace”, says Andrew
Green, newly appointed
The design draws on the brand’s 80 year heritage and
Business Development
introduces a new colour-coded system.
Manager for Vikan
The simple traffic light colours Red, Amber and Green
ErgoClean. “It’s a ready
match the Protect, Cleanse and Recondition skin care
made success”, he confirms, looking forward to
steps originally pioneered by Rozalex but since copied
the challenge of ‘making it happen’. His first
the world over.
step, he says, is to convince the industry that
Nick Angel, Rozalex’s Managing Director, is pleased with the end result - “We’re talking constantly to new
microfibre flat mopping is considerably
and existing retailers and distributors. There is a great deal of brand recognition but we needed a cleaner
more effective, in every way, than traditional
more modern offering to hold its own in the catalogue or on the shelf, especially in a retail environment.”
mopping systems.
The new design coincides with the launch of XWORX, Rozalex’s new reconditioning cream, a high quality
Bringing a wealth of experience to the job,
emollient to recondition and moisturise the hands at the end of a hard day’s work.
Andrew has 17 years in cleaning industry sales
under his belt.
Hartlepool cleans up Handy Swine Flu leaflet
Full-Time President
with Citymaster
New from Metsa Tissue Ltd is a handy A4, easy to
The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and
The streets of Hartlepool are even cleaner and more
understand advisory leaflet on hand hygiene in
Restoration Certification (IICRC) has named
attractive now as the borough Council has invested
relation to the Swine Flu pandemic.
Patrick Winters its first, full-
in six Hako Citymaster 2000 street sweepers as part
The publication is ideal for
time paid president effective
of its commitment to improve the cleanliness of the
health and safety, Human
August 1, 2009. Winters will
town. The new sweepers replace the same number
Resources and training
report to the IICRC board of
of ageing, less effective vehicles.
personnel to give to
directors and its chairman.
The Citymaster 2000 sweepers are able to carry two
employees, pin onto
The newly created position
cubic metres of litter - more than the vehicles they
notice boards and
that Winters will fill
are replacing - and boast four-wheel steer which
distribute in rest rooms,
represents a significant
enables them to access awkward areas to clear
washrooms etc.
change in how the Institute is run.
rubbish. They also feature a number of eco-controls
Included in this
Winters was selected after an extensive search by
which makes them more fuel efficient. There are
publication are eleven tips of how we can protect
a committee of the IICRC board. The Committee
also cameras on the front and back of the vehicles,
ourselves from Swine Flu and other infections
reviewed almost 100 applications for the position.
and on the brushes that actually sweep the streets.
that can be spread by poor hand hygiene.
Management team
expansion at WoolSafe
LCC Support Services Wrennalls Group achieves
The WoolSafe Organisation’s
makes Northern acquisition double whammy
management team has been
LCC Support Services, the national independent The Wrennalls Group, a Lancashire based cleaning
expanded to raise the profile
contract cleaning specialist, has made its first consultancy, is celebrating a ‘coup’ for excellence
of the organisation, its
acquisition as part of its plan to open new bases
in quality by achieving both the ISO 9001:2008
licensees, members and
around the UK to service its national clients.
standard and also gaining WoolSafe accreditation
associated companies.
The purchase, Quadra cleaning contractors based in
for its whole organisation.
Steve Bakker joins The
Blackpool, specialises in the holiday and leisure
ISO 9001:2008 is recognised worldwide. It requires
WoolSafe Organisation as
market. Current work includes grounds maintenance
organisations to demonstrate that they have a
Promotions and Communications Manager.
and weekly cleaning prior to tenant handovers and
quality management system to ensure consistency
With a background in carpet care and
key clients include Bourne Leisure.
and continuous improvement; leading to higher
maintenance, Steve brings an added perspective
to The WoolSafe Organisation’s work.
In addition to the Quadra purchase, LCC has opened
levels of performance and customer satisfaction.
a Coventry base for which Nigel will also be
Steve has already launched a campaign to
In addition, the Wrennalls Group has also just
responsible, alongside the new office in Warrington.
encourage retailers to create hyperlinks from
become a WoolSafe certified company by
their website directly to the WoolSafe Certified
LCC is looking to make further acquisitions to
completing a comprehensive Training and
Operator Network, along with a recruitment drive
strengthen its Midlands and North of England
Accreditation Programme run by The WoolSafe
to get more carpet cleaners to join the network.
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