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Tony Bullimore teams up
with Sprit of Antigua
Legendary British yachtsman Tony Bullimore’s long list of offshore started auspiciously. 'When I went across the starting line, I was
adventures and accomplishments is unparalleled. In a career that’s doing around 16 knots,' he said. 'I did just under 1,000 miles in just
spanned four decades and over 400,000 competitive nautical miles, under 48 hours, the kind of speeds needed to break the record.'
Bullimore has recorded victories in the Round Britain Race, the
Round Europe Race, a pair of Transatlantic contests, and the Rolex However, Bullimore was ultimately forced to call in at Auckland,
Fastnet and Middle Sea Races. New Zealand, after halyard failures to his staysail and genoa. Once
there, he had a difficult decision: to effect repairs or to abandon
Bullimore earned worldwide notice and acclaim after surviving five the attempt. 'I had so many people who wanted to help,' he said.
long days following a capsize in the Southern Ocean in the 1996 'Getting the boat sorted out was not a problem. But we were now
Vendee Globe solo race around the planet, and later tackled those into winter in the Southern Hemisphere and that’s the wrong time
same stormy seas while registering a second in the Oryx Quest to start sailing a 100-foot-plus catamaran alone. The sea conditions
round-the-world race. can be horrendous, but worse still can be the extreme freezing
conditions which build up in that part of the world.'
Now, Tony Bullimore is setting sail aboard his well-tested, 102-foot
catamaran in yet another world-class yachting event: the 2009 Bullimore, of course, is a survivor, and he opted to make the
edition of Antigua Sailing Week. seamanlike decision to exercise discretion over valor and call it a
day. 'So I decided to sail the boat across the Pacific, go through the
'The boat has been renamed Spirit of Antigua and will be used Panama Canal, into the Caribbean and on to Antigua,' he said. 'This
for charter work while based in Antigua and the south coast of was a wonderful passage, a far cry from the Southern Ocean.'
England,' said Bullimore, a former Yachtsman of the Year in the Now, Bullimore is excited to begin a new chapter in his ongoing
U.K. 'Our intention is to give a lot of people the opportunity to sail saga, with his appearance at Antigua Sailing Week. His new venture
on one of the fastest racing boats in the world. My top speed is is aimed not only as a vehicle to promote Spirit of Antigua as a
38 knots and there won’t be any problem attaining speeds over charter boat, but also to raise awareness for the beautiful Caribbean
30 knots in the fabulous waters around Antigua. Spirit of Antigua island’s endless attractions, beaches and waters.
is obviously a great racing boat, with a great pedigree, but she
will also be a great boat for team-building programs, corporate 'We are delighted to be teaming up with Tony Bullimore to sail
hospitality days, and many other exciting adventures and races.' Spirit of Antigua at this year’s Antigua Sailing Week,' said Boorman,
the director of the new enterprise. 'We are sure that, with Spirit of
Bullimore’s new venture, in collaboration with David Boorman and Antigua’s help, we can spread the word that Antigua is the most
the recently formed Spirit of Antigua Ltd., will be making its debut beautiful sailing and holiday destination in the world.'
at Antigua Sailing Week. 'My catamaran is a true legend of the high
seas,' said Bullimore. 'She’s held so many records, and won so 'Roaring along at 30 knots in the Southern Ocean can be very
many races, and is still going strong.' exciting sailing,' said Bullimore, 'but to attend Antigua Sailing Week
will be tremendous fun.'
Prior to his upcoming participation at Antigua Sailing Week,
Bullimore’s most recent challenge was a quest to topple Ellen For more information about Spirit of Antigua, visit
MacArthur’s singlehanded non-stop round-the-world record, a
voyage that began in the Australian island state of Tasmania. It
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