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- A KSS Expedition Catamaran.
As a go anywhere, long range power catamaran, Bonefish
forward in the hulls for true long range,
looks purposeful but elegant, with a fine standard of finish,
but also allowing fuel transfer between
tanks if needed for trimming of the weight
fittings and furnishing. So many cats of this type lack style
distribution.. As expected at this stage,
and can look heavy and cumbersome.
the bows are riding high and the floatation
line at the transoms is slightly higher than
the designed WL. She does have an
unusual feature. The owner chose to put
s a go anywhere, long range power catamaran, Bonefish looks
in a extra transom step which is below
purposeful but elegant, with a fine standard of finish, fittings and
the designed WL. It allows easy access
furnishing. So many cats of this type lack style and can look heavy
to the water but looks a bit strange to the
and cumbersome.
experienced eye.
Bonefish is afloat, in Tauranga, for final fitting out and checking of systems. She was too
Twin 425 hp diesels will give close to 20
high for the boat shed and the top of the upper saloon and flybridge were put in place
kts., on the slim displacement hulls, driven
after moving to the water.
by variable pitch propellors.
This 82 ft. x 36 ft., KSS design began as a power sailer; ie: a power catamaran design,
Bonefish carries two smaller boats and a
which also carries a substantial sloop rig. With plans for operating a lot of the time
crane to lift them on board, which will be
in shallow waters, the hulls are designed as power cat hulls, with the props and the
used to reach the shallows where the fish
rudders within the depth of the hull and long low aspect ratio keels. The overall beam
are found.
is wide with a lot of stability to support the rig. This is just one of the many advantages
of twin hulls. There is no rig at the present time but all is in place to install one at a later
Bonefish is laid out as a private owners
date. Another very important catamaran advantage is the initial stability. Compare
yacht, with exceptional facilities for the
the motion in harbour of the conventional mono power yacht with that of the power
owner and guests. Port side is the owners
catamaran. Relatively small waves from passing boats will start a rolling motion on the
private cabin with lower saloon and circular
mono which does not happen on the catamaran.
stairs to the upper level, to starboard. The
skippers cabin is forward on starboard side,
The project started a long time ago and it has not been without incidents, set backs and
opposite the galley and dining area. Two
many time consuming additions
three berth guest
and changes along the way. No
cabins are forward in
work was done on the boat for a
each hull.
number of years.
The second level
She was built in Mount
saloon/and helm
Maunganui, after being moved
station is exceptional,
from the initial build location N
with spiral stairs to
of Auckland. Two hulls, up to
the flybrigde.
the knuckle and the majority
of the panels of PVC foam
A neat feature is the
and fiberglass to complete the
high coaming which
structure were moved by road.
surrounds the second
level, accessible
through a sliding door
For all catamarans, weight is one
beside the helm.
of the most important factors.
From there, there is
Without the rig in place, a heavy
access forward.
item has been removed from the
weight list. The three fuel tanks
More details from:
each side are large and spread
Another example of the versatility of the Kelsall design office and of the KSS
(Kelsall Swiftsure Sandwich) build system takes to the water.
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