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Shrinkwrap keeps metal 
objects in top shape
Waves of Style  
from Helly Hansen
Helly Hansen has expanded its popular collection
Engines, accessories, spare parts and other metal equipment
of nautical inspired leather and canvas deck shoes.
are susceptible to rust and corrosion even when well-protected.
Designed for life off the water, new styles include the
Premium shrinkwrap supplier Dr. Shrink offers VCI Shrinkwrap, a
Latitude 90 Canvas, a lightweight canvas, lace-up
volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) that is built into its shrinkwrap to
further shield parts from the harmful effects of the elements.
plimsoll for men and women.
VCI film contains chemical formulations that release an
The stylish Latitude 90 is a clean cut, classic looking shoe, that's
odorless, non-toxic vapour, causing corrosion inhibiting molecules
big on comfort too. The lightweight, canvas upper is breathable,
to condense and form a protective layer on all exposed surfaces.
and features hand-stitched details and side eyelets. The shoe
Incredibly simple to apply, the plastic film just needs to be taped to
also features a white rubber surround at the toe and heel; a
an object's surface and then shrinkwrapped to provide an airtight
removable EVA sockliner for added foot cushioning; and the Helly
environment. When the metal object is uncovered, the VCI
Hansen non slip storm grip sole.
molecular layer will vaporize, leaving a clean, dry, corrosion-free item
that's ready to use.
The Latitude 90 Canvas costs £60 and is available in a selection
of contrasting maritime colours:
For smaller electrical and mechanical metal components, Dr.
Shrink offers VCI capsules. Working the same way as the film, they
The summer lifestyle footwear collection also features the Latitude
are also incredibly easy to install. Users only need to peel away its
60 a more athletic looking deck shoe; the Lat Ladies, a slim and
adhesive backing and affix to almost any interior surface before
sleek deck shoe with street style; and the Latitude 90 in leather.
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Dependable hand pump from 
Beckson that is always ready to use
Manufactured since 1955 in the USA with the highest quality materials available, Beckson Marine's Genuine
Thirsty-Mate® hand pumps are built for long-lasting superior performance.
Self-priming and easy-to-clean, the Thirsty-Mate will not rust, corrode or mar a boat. If the pump becomes
clogged, users simply remove the foot valve assembly, by applying low heat, and clean out the inside.
Allowing unimpeded water flow, this water-lubricated pump's intake and discharge are the same size, with
capacities ranging from 22.7 L to 49.2 L a minute. With a contoured, trademarked red tee handle and a
special polyvinyl grey body and shaft, Beckson's solvent-welded, lightweight hand pump is constructed for
reliability. Certified by the Marine Testing Institute in 1969 to "1,162,835 strokes and still performing," these
Beckson pumps have outlived the institute.
Easy to operate, Thirsty-Mate pumps are available in four different diameters ranging from 3.2 cm to 7.6 cm
and multiple lengths starting at 45.7 cm. Spare parts such as replacement foot valve assemblies and hoses
are readily available.
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