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The main sheet has a 3:1 purchase system While the Weta 4.4 is pipped as a family rigid and versatile on the water. As the UK
and so if warranted, the sheet can be held orientated boat, it was clear that she could distributor Simon Curry points out, ‘a lot
by hand without locking off the line. Both the be sailed well and aggressively as there of people don’t like the tipping experience’
jib sheet and asymmetric gennaker sheet is ample reserve buoyancy in the bows to and so as a dinghy with stabilizers, the
are continuous with cam cleats and so prevent pitch poling. As probably the only appeal to a young family is obvious.
tacking and gybing is at the flick of a wrist boat under 2-300 kilograms, the Category The Weta even comes in a range of jolly
and the throe of the rudder. In the 10-12 C, CE approval lends huge credibility to colours. At the other end of the spectrum,
knot wind conditions, the gennaker acted the ruggedness of this small craft, where she tacks effortlessly in light airs and for
well upwind as a Screecher and only when it passed stability tests in 1.5m waves in a single-handed ex-high performance
the luff began to fold inwards more forcibly, Force 7 conditions! Here, the spidery beam- beach cat owner, the Weta is a fantastically
was there any need to crack off. With an to-ama design avoids any wave slamming, hassle free ride, capable of huge potential
utterly manageable 8.0m_ of sail, we merrily which is important at top speeds when in all conditions. Future Weta’s will have
tacked and gybed the asymmetric without a lot of water is being displaced. A more the option of all carbon ~ in the rudder,
ever needing to furl her up! roachy main, with a flat top and greater rudder stock and centerboard, where the
foresail areas are obvious ‘pimp-my-ride’ centerboard is 1 foot longer, which should
There are no instruments on the Weta 4.4 improvements to be made. And capsizing? certainly bump up the power in medium and
and really there is no need. A Velocitek GPS As the Weta website states, “Capsizing is light winds.
might be of interest in a big breeze or in hard ~ righting is easy!” One of the float
surfing conditions, for the thrill of it, but the inspection ports is undone to flood the ama.
desire to know what boat speed reached With a little pressure from an elbow, the float
in what wind strength is compensated for will sink and bring the Weta back upright.
by the sensation of speed! The boat is
hungry to do double figures and clearly out
• Very compact and
paced the other dinghies on the course.
The Weta 4.4 is terrific value for money and
secure, low windage
As a multihull, the Weta’s tacking angle
in the 18 months so far on the international trailer-ability
is wider than an RS200 or Laser 2000,
market, has already proved enormously
which have similar sail areas, but then on
successful with 25 sold in the last 12
• The boat’s weight.
a displacement boat there is not the joy of
months in the UK alone. The boat is easy • Fully rigged with sails
flying a hull, albeit a little one!
and quick to setup and demount; light,
and sheets, the boat’s
measured sailing weight
comes in at less than
128 kg.
• Manageability. One
person can trolley the
boat around.
• Robust construction,
without being overbuilt.
• Stiff under sail.
• Stable
Technical Specifications:
Did not like
Length 4.4m
Beam 3.5m
• Green colour, as first
Beam (trailer) 1.7m
seen at the Earl’s Court
Hull(s) material Fiberglass/foam Boat show in 2008.
Weight Main Hull 60kg
• The colour is fun and
Weight Float with Beam Frame 18kg
may appeal to young
Sail area Main 8.3m2
children, but in any
Sail area Jib 3.2m2
sober dinghy park, the
Sail area Screecher 8.0m2
grayish white may be
Beam Frame Carbon
Mast Carbon 2 piece
a far more respectable
Rudder Stock Dotan
Rudder Foil Fibreglass
• Dropping the mast
Centreboard Fiberglass requires technique if
Hardware Harken
Sails Gaastra
• Sail area, where
appropriate to its user.
Price £8,500 ex VAT excluding road trailer £650.

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