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Up until 15 Before winning the praise of the population
years ago, no of Oman, Mohsin first had to earn the
one had ever respect of skipper Loik Gallon, Thierry
completed Duprey Du Vorsent, Nick Houchin and
a non-stop Charles Darbyshire. The first stage of his
round the selection began with several grueling weeks
world journey of intensive physical and mental tests in the
The Oman Sail team
onboard heat of the Oman desert: “It was harder than
celebrate with Mohsin after
a racing the Special Forces training” said Mohsin,
the finish line.
multihull and who had a career in the Oman’s Royal Navy
(L-R) Charles Darbyshire, Nick Houchin,
© Oman Sail still today it prior to joining the Oman Sail project. Once
Loik Gallon, Thierry Duprey Du Vorsent and
remains one he was selected he underwent summer
Mohsin Ali Al Busaidi
© Lloyd Images/ Oman Sail
of the hardest challenges a sailor can ever training in the UKSA centre in Cowes before
dream of tackling. doing the delivery sail on Musandam from
the UK to Oman.
22 days 2hours 5minutes 0 s - distance
Musandam sailed over 24,000 nautical
sailed 8,195 nautical miles
miles during which Mohsin sailed deep into The arrival of Musandam back into Muscat

the harsh and hostile Southern Ocean as was a great occasion with thousands of
Cape Horn (17/02/2009 16:05:00) – Cape
he passed the legendary capes of Cape fans, supporters, family and friends lining
of Good Hope (28/02/2009 03:03:00)
Leeuwin, Cape Horn and the Cape of Good the waterfront to welcome the team home..
10 days 11hours 0 minutes 0 seconds -
Hope. Since the start day on 8th January,
distance sailed 3,980 nautical miles
2009 the crew have endured storms, The Minister of Tourism, Her Excellency

freezing conditions, a diet of only freeze- Dr Rajiha Bint Abdul Amir bin Ali, who
Cape of Good Hope (28/02/2009 03:03:00)
dried food and, unless it rained, no showers attended the special celebrations in Port
– Muscat (25/03/2009 11:43:12)
and the tiny cramped conditions of a racing Sultan Qaboos said: “We are happy to see
25 days 8 hours 48 minutes 12 seconds -
multihull. our crew and boat home safely. To have
distance traveled 6, 073 nautical miles
Mohsin accomplish this voyage and enter
Mohsin Al Busaidi, who grew up in Al the history books is very exciting and I know
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Khoud, a village north of Muscat said: “I am young Omanis will be inspired by this. As
so happy, so proud for my country, it has Tourism Minister, I also see today as an
been the most amazing experience of my opportunity for Oman to demonstrate how it
life. Although the voyage has only taken 76 is reigniting maritime heritage.”
days, I have loved sailing and the sea for a
long time. This round the world journey has Elapsed times :
been the key focus for the newly formed Muscat (08/01/2009 10:30:30) - Cape
Oman Sail project and we wanted to show Leeuwin (26/01/2009 14:00:00)
quickly what could be achieved to inspire 18 days 3hours 29minutes 30 seconds -
others. We’ll continue the voyage of our distance sailed 6,035 nautical miles
ancestors who sailed the seas and we’ll
build boats and masts, so our children Cape Leeuwin (26/01/2009 14:00:00) –
continue the journey after us.” Cape Horn (17/02/2009 16:05:00)
Musandam's round the world route
© Oman Sail
The iShares Cup
This circuit is growing into the most high profile of Multihull circuits.
Each week a press release announces a new team, new sponsor or
new venue and so it should! This is the right size, right budget boat
for our difficult times. Profile without too much risk. The event looks
like it will have at least twelve Extreme 40’s on the start line drawn
from eight - ten teams. These will include America’s Cup teams as
well as racing teams like BT, Groupama and Gitana. The circuit will
be very competitive and is proving to be a superb sponsor/media/
racing circuit.
The venues and dates have been announced:
Round 1 : Italy, Venice - 15th to 17th May
Round 2 : France - 3rd to 5th July 2009
Round 3 : United Kingdom - 1st to 3rd August 2009
Round 4 : Germany, Kiel - 28th to 30th August 2009
Round 5 : The Netherlands - 25th to 27th September 2009
Round 6 : Almería, Andalucía - 10th to 12th October 2009
We hope to report from Venice.
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