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America’s Cup – Progress
Made in court but will it be
in multihulls??
on the water. Today through the
American courts the Golden Gate
Yacht Club has won the right to
first disabled person to sail single handed
challenge the Société Nautique de
around Great Britain in an expedition he
Genève. We will now discuss the
aptly called his Personal Everest. This
terms for the regatta with them and
voyage was inspiring and his book 'Walking will prepare our defence of the 33rd
on Water' is a great read. America's Cup.”
His next challenge is Personal Atlantic
The Court ruling encouraged both
which takes place next winter in which he
the GGYC and SNG to work together
will sail across the Atlantic Ocean, becoming
to agree a protocol to govern the
the first quadriplegic sailor to do so. The
competition for the 33rd America’s
3,000 mile voyage, in which he will be
Cup. If this can not be agreed, a best-
unassisted in every aspect of sailing, will
of-three match in giant multihulls will
The Golden Gate Yacht Club have released
raise money for The Ellen MacArthur Trust,
take place under the conditions drawn
their first statement since the New York
which supports and empowers children
up in the Deed of Gift, the document which
Courts ruled in their favour, instating them as governs the America’s Cup.
suffering from cancer or leukaemia by
Challenger of Record for the 33rd America's
introducing them to sailing.
Cup. The court has confirmed that a Deed of Gift
Match must take place within 10 months of
For his new challenge he will sail ‘Impossible
The club, who are represented on the water by the courts’ decision, this means that the date
Dream’, an 18m wheelchair accessible
Larry ELLISON’s BMW ORACLE Racing team, for the first race is 8 February 2009, with the
catamaran yacht owned by the Sporting released the following statement on Tuesday
second race, two business days later, and the
Activities for the Disabled Trust. The charity 7 April: third if required is two business days after that.
is one of the expedition’s sponsors, along
with Raymarine. The catamaran, built by
“The Golden Gate Yacht Club and its team, The Order was entered by the Clerk of the
Multimarine of Plymouth UK, is designed
BMW ORACLE Racing, remain committed to Court, on 7 April, giving it legal effect.
with push button technology which will allow
negotiate with the Defender, Société Nautique
Geoff to navigate and sail the boat using his
de Genève/Alinghi, a conventional mutual The Supreme Court has also determined that
skill and experience without having to rely
consent protocol for the next America’s Cup the venue should be Valencia, Spain, or some
on physical ability.
that would involve all teams. other venue nominated by the Defender, no
less than six months before the first race.
“This follows the April 2 decision of the New
York State Court of Appeals confirming the The parties may engage in a Mutual Consent
Golden Gate Yacht Club as the Challenger of process to decide other dates and conditions,
Record for the 33rd America’s Cup. including the admission of other challengers.
“BMW ORACLE Racing’s owner, Larry Ellison, It is expected that this process could take up
and the President of Alinghi, Ernesto Bertarelli, to two months, at the end of which if there was
have communicated with each other since the no announcement, then it could be assumed
court ruling. that there was no Mutual Consent and a
Match in multihulls would take place.
“At this stage the club believes it is best to
keep communications between the parties That being so, the chances of consequent
private in the interests of reaching a successful litigation was placed by one source as being
conclusion as quickly as possible.” 'high' and the subsequent litigation would run

for another two years, placing the next multi-
The voyage will be a logistical challenge for
Last Thursday the New York State Court of challenger event at 2014 or 2015 (assuming a
his shore based support team and a feat
Appeals ruled unanimously in favour of the two year lead-in process).
of personal endurance for Geoff. Although
Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC), reversing
the previous decision of the Appelate Division
physically able to navigate and sail the boat
The requirement of the Deed of Gift for the
and reconfirming the original ruling of Justice
competently, he is unable to look after his
Match to be held after 1 May if staged in the
Cahn in the Supreme Court. This declared Northern Hemisphere is still contestable, as
own physical requirements. He cannot get
the Club Nautico Espanol De Vela’s (CNEV) it is in conflict with the date named by the
out of his wheelchair without assistance.
challenge for the 33rd America’s Cup accepted Supreme Court. That date will remain in place,
To overcome this, he will be accompanied
by the Société Nautique de Genève (SNG) as unless challenged by one of the parties.
on the voyage by a professional, medically
invalid, and instated the GGYC as Challenger
trained carer to aid him with the physical
of Record. At this stage BMW Oracle have shown their
aspects of his life. The carer will play no part
hand with their spectacular 90’ trimaran which
in sailing the boat The SNG, who are represented on the water has been tested off San Diego. However in a
by Ernesto BERTARELLI’s Alinghi team, shed tucked away in Europe is believed to be
More details from:
issued the following statement in response a most spectacular multihull that is apparently
to the ruling: “It has consistently been our the result of various designers collaboration
view that the America's Cup should be fought that awaits its debut! We shall see!
Donations can also be made to support this
challenge through this site.
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