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Words by Mark Orr
Banque Populaire – the
largest racing multihull in
the world is frustrated by
the weather
With striking good looks,
More power than any
previous multihull you would
have thought that record
breaking would be pretty
straightforward for Banque
Populaire V. However her
progress toward records has
been frustrated by lack of
wind. Skipper Pascal Bidégorry and his crew arrived on standby in
Cadiz on 17 February waiting for the right weather to attempt the
Route of Discovery.
They are now back in Lorient waiting for the right weather to cross
the Atlantic for a transatlantic record attempt. She is certainly a
magnificent boat. Power is everything and the forces involved are
huge. She looks to be the boat to beat. Whether the potential of
the design is realized will start to become clear as she starts trying
to earn a reputation for herself over the next six months before she
goes on standby in November 2009 for the Jules Verne round the
World record – could Groupama 3 be on the circuit at the same
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SailRocket returns to
the launch-pad
Paul Larsen and Vestas SailRocket
I still shudder when I look at the video as
We have until just after the middle of April
suffered a significant structural failure
it all happened in an instant. I will show
to achieve our goal. It's the culmination of
at high speed when attempting to set
you all the video one day... but first we will
nearly 10 years work. This boat has done a
a new water speed record on Walvis
focus on the job at hand. Here's a sneak
brilliant job in getting this far. I can't think of
Bay, Namibia on Friday 13 March. Paul
pic from the onboard camera at the instant
another boat that has had a more tortured
was concussed and their craft badly
when things went pear shaped.
life and has still been capable of coming
damaged. Fortunately, with a full team out number 1. She carries many scars from
in Namibia they were back on the race
You can just make out the slack back
battle and what a battle it's been. I think that
track two weeks later. As Paul reports
beam stay arcing out to the left of the roll-
on the last run she felt it was time that I took
below it has not been straightforward:
bar. This means the beam is coming back.
some of the damage... just so I know what
I've already gone to full lock on the steering
it feels like!'
and the boat is skidding sideways. We are
now sits outside this here container
still doing 45 knots and are about to pull
Consequently the pressure is on and the
100% ready for another assault on the
-3.5G's forward and 3.2G's sideways as
team have so far managed to produce the
Walvis Bay Speed sailing course bears
the whole show comes to a thumping halt
second fastest mile of all time and feel close
testimony to the effort put in by the
in less than a second. I remember this bit.
to the fastest 500m! But they have not
team since the violent crash 13 days achieved it yet!
A week or so ago I committed the project
to our third and final WSSRC ratified record
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period. As far as I can see... this will be it.
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