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Play it safe and 
Gentle but Powerful –wash 
check your safety 
cleans without removing finish
After applying a coat of wax, yahtsmen shouldn't ruin their hard work
by stripping it off with a harsh soap. Shurhold Industries'
Brite Wash is specially-formulated to clean a boat's fragile surface
without damaging its finish.
A money-saving, multi-purpose wash, it's designed to clean fiberglass,
metal, rubber and painted surfaces. Highly powerful and
effective, only 30 mL of this powerful wash cleans a 12.2 m boat,
allowing one 948 mL bottle to last for months.
Environmentally-friendly, this wash is great for removing a variety of
substances, including dirt, grease and salt without dulling a boat's
finish or stripping away wax and polish. Brite Wash's softeners help
prevent hard water stains, providing a sparkling, unblemished surface.
Don't forget to add life-saving equipment to
your list of pre-season checks urges leading
Shurhold's Brite Wash is available in a 948 mL bottle and 3.78 mL jug.
marine safety equipment manufacturer
Dedicated to educating boat owners, Shurhold offers a free guide of 5 key tips for boat
value preservation on their website.
Plenty of boat owners pay close attention
to jobs like servicing the engine, antifouling,
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checking seacocks and topping up batteries
but lifejackets, the liferaft, fire extinguishers
and flares are often overlooked.
Martin Jerrett, Crewsaver's General Flexible 
The POWER8 workshop combines
the portability and ease of cordless
Manager, said: "Lifejackets should be
power tools with all the functionality
serviced regularly, just like a car. We
recommend having your safety kit checked
of bench top products without the
need of mains power. The POWER8
once a year at an approved service station
that can be found on Crewsavers’ website.
It is like having an MOT. If the equipment
workshop is a 4pc power tool set
which uses the armoured case that
the products neatly pack into, to
passes you can be confident it will look after
you in an emergency. It is also important
Power 8
transform each of the tools into their
bench top equivalents, giving you
to carry items like spare cylinders and
more than 8 functions.
re-arming packs but it should be stressed
that these should be the approved
For example, the Circular Saw becomes a Table Saw and the Drill becomes a Drill Press.
manufacturer's product. “
When packed it can be easily stowed away; an idea companion for any explorer.
Boat owners can carry out certain pre-
The armoured case contains;
season lifejacket checks themselves like
checking for signs of wear or abrasion
• Circular Saw
on webbing and stitching. Users can also
• Jigsaw
remove the CO2 cylinder on an automatic
• Drill\Driver (hammer version also
lifejacket to check the seal is not pierced
and that it has not been fired accidentally.
• Halogen Light
Air holding properties can be checked by
• Stainless Steel Spirit Level/Post/Fence
inflating the lifejacket orally and leaving it
• Canvas Tool Bag
overnight. If air loss does occur, the kit must
• Charger Dock with SCP (Secondary
be returned to an approved service station
Charger Point)
for a detailed inspection.
• 2 POWERhandles (1.7Ah or 2.6Ah,
18volt battery packs)
Crewsaver's website details a wide range of
• Metal Protractor
other general care and maintenance advice.
• Work Clamp
There are re-arming and re-packing videos
• POWER8 Case, with stainless steel work surface
and instructions for fitting and storing your
• 2 Assorted accessory cases
lifejacket to keep it in full working order
Please check for stockist, the RRP of the
"Finally, make sure you check the expiry
POWER8workshop DURATION is £389.90, but its available on the internet for less.
dates on flares, fire extinguishers and EPIRB
batteries. Don't take chances with the safety
of your crew. Replace all out of date items
before the new sailing season starts," said
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