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Meanwhile in
The Macquarie Innovations
team in Australia appear
(still to be ratified) to have
Australia the
become the first boat to
crack the 50 knot mark.
After 16 years their effort
has been rewarded. In
winds way above what they
Innovations team-
normally sail in i.e. 24 knots. They hit a peak speed of around 54.3
knots on their way to a 50.08 knot average over the 500 meters.
Whilst this up's their previous 'C' class record it still leaves them
get their first
just shy of the Outright record. One thing it does do is put the boats
back ahead of the Windsurfers whilst also giving the new kids on
the block, the kitesurfers, a real hurry up. This team have pulled out
all of the stops and well done to them, it now puts pressure back on
SailRocket and l’Hydroptere.
Oman Sail complete their 
circumnavigation – well done!
Whilst SailRocket is back on the record
course in Namibia and MI have broken
the 50 knot barrier, L’Hydroptere is being
repaired following her very dramatic
pitchpole in December whilst sailing along
at between 55 – 60 knots. The dramatic
wipeout has caused all sorts of damage to
this amazing foiling speed machine. It has
also given the team a chance to reappraise
the direction of the project.
The team announced in mid February that On March 25th at 15:43:12 Local Time (11:43:12 GMT) Mohsin Ali Busadi made history to
they have a double objective the absolute become the first Arab to sail non-stop around the world, as Musandam, Ellen Macarthur’s
speed record (an average of 50.57 knots 75ft record breaking trimaran crossed the finish line in Muscat having raced around the
over 500 meters), as well as an open-sea world t in under 80 days.
record, the longest distance travelled in 24
hours. For that reason, various modifications As part of a wider project to help reignite Oman’s maritime
are underway. heritage and inspire youngsters to take up sailing, Mohsin
Al Busaidi left Muscat, Oman on an attempt to sail non-
The lower part of the foils, having stop around the world on January 8 2009. 76 days later, the
demonstrated their ability to function at the Sultanate of Oman has welcomed him home as a hero.
target speed of 55 knots, will be preserved.
The upper part, not sturdy enough for sailing Mohsin celebrates “This is an incredible achievement for Mohsin who a year ago
in waves, will be modified in that respect.
making history
had never stepped on board an offshore racing multihull before
The results of this hydrodynamic evolution
© Lloyd Images/
and now he is the first Arab to circumnavigate the globe. Mohsin
will be seen when the boat re-launches in
Oman Sail
and the entire Musandam crew are to be congratulated.” said
April. Dame Ellen MacArthur who previously set a new world record
in the same boat when it sailed under the colours of B&Q/Castorama. As well as Mohsin,
In the meantime she sits La Seyne sur Mer Musandam was crewed by an international crew of Skipper Loik Gallon (FR), Thierry Duprey
at the Foselev Marine shipyard,that has Du Vorsent (FR), Charles Darbyshire (UK) and Nick Houchin (UK).
supported the project in the Mediterranean.
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