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Weatherbyrolepasses fromfather to son L

ong-time CEOand president EdWeatherby

passed the day-to-day leadership baton to his son Adamat Weatherby Inc, one of the world’smost venerable firearm manufacturers. Like his father,Adamgrew

up surrounded by the legacy of theWeatherby name and all that it represents in firearm excellence, cartridge innovation, hunting passion and conservation commitment. Adampromised: “Whatmy

grandfather,Roy, startedmore than 70 years ago is as special today as it’s ever been and, as president, I’ll never stray from his vision and our promise to customers that ‘nothing shoots

AdamWeatherby ofWeatherby Inc.

flatter, hits harder or ismore accurate’ than aWeatherby.” Since 1983,Adam’s father Ed

has been president and CEOof the firm, based in Paso Robles, California. Ed added: “I grew up absorbing

everything about rifles and cartridges frommy dad,whether we were in the shop working or out in the field hunting. It was an

amazing journey and one I was able to pass on tomy own son. Now it’s Adam’s time to continue our family’s legacy and I’mvery proud of him.” Te executive change at

Weatherby will be seamless, fluid and will not affectWeatherby’s process of delivering rifles, shotguns and ammunition to the gunmaker’s loyal dealer network and customers. Following Adam’s

inauguration,Ed will remain involved atWeatherby, serving as executive chairman for the family owned and operated business, which was founded in 1945.


Viridian – experts in green lasers.

Green laser maker expandsOEM plans

Green laser expertViridian is looking to continue growing itsOEMdivision by partnering with evenmore key firearms manufacturers. Viridian-equipped firearm

packages are currently being offered byRuger,Sig Sauer, Taurus,SpringfieldArmory and Bersa,with additional exciting packages in development during the coming year. TheUS-based firmbelieves

thatViridian-equipped packages provide greatvalue for both dealers and customers. Viridian’s directorof sales,

Browning flies highwith Kite

Gunmanufacturer Browning ismoving into the opticsmarket by teaming upwith fellowBelgium- basedmaker Kite Optics to offer quality and tradition in its products. The two firms have developed a range of scopes

especially for the hunting and shootingmarkets. Browning says the dealwas a natural choice since

neither brand compromises on quality. Every part of a Kite scope ismade fromhigh-

qualitymaterial to the pointwhere if plastic could be used youwill findmetal instead. Each part is assembled,not glued, to bring

you tough products that canwithstand difficult conditions, and the lenses are treatedwith the best optical coatings. Kite Optics also favours efficiency over useless


gadgets, a policy thatmeans it can offer scopes at highly competitive prices. Kite Optics and Browning share the same viewof

scopes: they are tools essentially, and it is essential that they are effective and hard-wearing. Georges de Puter, a devoted ornithologist and

son of a Belgian optician, established Kite Optics in 1992.He began by focusing on creating an extensive range of spoting binoculars thatwere an immediate triumph. The enormous success of the company’s spoting

products drove Kite Optics to turn its sights to another type of nature enthusiast – hunters. In 2015,Kite Optics brought out a scope for driven

hunts and another for hide hunts.Now, two years later, the kite and the stag are joining forces.

Andy Scot,said: “Viridian’s OEMgrowth is due to several factors butprimarily it’s driven by our strong track record of innovation,superb level of service and the simple fact that Viridian is notowned by a gun manufacturer. “OurOEMpackage business

has soared in 2016 andwe look forward to providingweapon technology solutionswith even more industry partners in 2017.”

Dealers should contact their

distribution partners or factory reps for the latestViridian package options,while firearms manufacturers can contact Andy Scotto learnmore about theOEMprograms available for their guns.

Viridian Green Laser E:

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