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CenterPoint linesup archery launches F

ollowing on the heels of its launch of the Sniper 370

crossbow in 2016,CenterPoint Archery introduces six new bows to its line of performance and value-driven gear for 2017. Among the latest products

is theTormentorWhisper 380, which features theWhisper Silencing Systemand is only 14 inches fromaxle to axle when loaded. Te Specialist XL 370 gives

hunters an adjustable cheek piece,oversized foot stirrup and string stoppers. TeTyro RecurveCrossbow

has a lightweight adjustable stock and a 175lb draw weight. Additionally,CenterPoint is

introducing two vertical bows for growing hunters, the Eos Hunter and Kronos. CenterPoint’s 2017 flagship

crossbow, theGladiatorWhisper 405,gives hunters a blazing-fast crossbow with theWhisper Silencing System. Giving hunters what they

need in a tactical and compact design, theGladiatorWhisper features an adjustable stock and finger grips on the trigger handle and foregrip for increased stability.TeWhisper 405 is built with a qualityCNCmachined aluminiumrail for an easy draw cycle and smooth shooting. SaraCalcagno, senior

productmanager for CenterPoint, said: “We are excited to follow up on the success of the Sniper 370 by expanding our line of performance-

CenterPointArchery centerpoint-crossbows

driven gear for every hunter. “By listening to hunters’requests

and understanding their needs,we are able to build high-performance gear thatwon’t break the bank.”

Europe agrees on tougher gun controls

•Continued frompage 3 However, considering

that the overall package is an improvement compared with the current situation, the Commission can accept the compromise found. TeEuropean hunting body


Airgun and outdoor expert The Crosman Corporation has appointed Ferguson-Keller Associates Inc to represent all of its product categories for the 12 upper Midwest and Great Lakes states in the USA. “The entire Crosman teamis very excited to

beworking with Ferguson-KellerAssociates,” said national salesmanagerMatMcCarty. “We are looking forward to a strong start to 2017 and working with the teamat Ferguson-Keller to continue to expand the Crosman brands in these regions.” Ferguson-Keller Associates will workwith

Crosman’s multiple categories of quality and affordable airguns under the Crosman and Benjamin lines, as well as its brands in airsoſt, optics, outdoor accessories and archery gear under the CenterPoint Archery name.

06 Ferguson-KellerAssociates’ president and CEO,

Bill Kunzer, added: “We are very excited for the opportunity to be a part of the great tradition and brands that Crosman brings to themarketplace. Our concentratedmarket approach is a perfect match for a reputable company such as Crosman.” Since 1971 Ferguson-Keller Associates Inc has

built a strong reputation founded on superior customer service, sales, and marketing expertise in the outdoor products market, which aligns with the drive and mission of the Crosman team. A recognised brand in 63 countries, the

Crosman Corporation has a diversified product portfolio that includes airguns, optics, archery and airsoſt gear.

Crosman Corporation

theEuropean Federation of Associations forHunting and Conservation (FACE),had firmly opposed the original proposal andwas pleased to see compromises.FACE’s efforts were successful in preserving the B7 category (semi-automatic rifles resembling fully automatic weapons),aswell as a regulation for the conversion of rifles, which can thereby continue to be used for civilian purposes, while sport shooterswill be exempt fromthemagazine capacity limit. FACEparticipated in the

discussions,bringing forward the position ofEuropean hunters aiming at ensuring that the rights of hunterswere appropriately defended and the freedomof the legal firearms users upheld. FACEpresidentMichl

Ebner commented: “FACE successfully represented the rights of hunters,dispelling any suspicion that legal firearms ownersmight in anyway be posing a threat to security.Tis is an important achievement.”

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