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preferably using airsoft guns and gear that are as realistic as possible. Which is why you see somany

devastatingly authentic-looking airsoft replica guns on themarket today. Some engage in historical

re-enactment by replaying scenes of historic combats while others prefer tomake up their own scenarios. Tese involve tactical ‘skirmish’

and combat situations,where teams are set basic objectives to bemet,with the other teamtrying to prevent them. Capturing the other team’s flag, for example, is a basic scenario. Not surprisingly,military

combat tactics are a great source of inspiration for airsoft players. Airsoft teams are set up with teamleaders, riflemen, snipers, grenadiers…Tese various players all require different tactics as well as different gear.


With the current full- scale replicas featuring the correct weight and handling characteristics of ‘real’firearms, it is hardly surprising that law enforcement andmilitary units


When geting into the airsoſtmarket, take into account that customerswill come backwith issues needing repairs,warranty coverage and so on. SPOTLIGHT ON... | AIRSOFT

are using airsoft guns for training purposes. Choosing airsoft guns for

certain basic training drills is an economically viable choice because expensive firearms and ammunition are needed less. Because they are not lethal,

safety is another added bonus of using airsoft guns for training.


What is true for the firearms world, also rings true in the airsoft market.When people have the possibility to shoot and enjoy their sport safely and comfortably, they will shootmore and get engaged more in the sport,pulling in newcomers.All this adds up to more sales for the gun business. Tis is why it is worth

considering supporting the start up of a local airsoft field ormaybe even setting one up yourself if you have the space.Tis doesn’t have to be expensive.

Old oil drums,wooden crates

and palettes can all be used to create a challenging and exciting place for your airsoft customers to enjoy themselves. See this as a business

investment because you will certainly getmore traffic into your store by supporting or setting up a local airsoft field.


When getting into the airsoft market, take into account that customers will come back with issues needing repairs,warranty coverage and so on. Be prepared for this firstly by

checking up on your distributors. What is their take on after-sales service? What ismore,when your

airsoft business grows the possibility can arise to do repairs yourself or take on a gunsmith to do (paid) repairs,upgrades for you.You can even take it to the

next step and refurbish and sell pre-owned airsoft guns.


It is vitally important to check your country’s airsoft regulations because laws governing this market niche vary widely from country to country. You would not want to fall foul

of the law or, equally importantly, miss out on sales.Fromoutright bans to tight controls and requirements to join clubs before you can even buy the appropriate hardware to full-blown allowance are all evident,depending on where in the world you are. Age restrictions apply inmany

countries and, asmentioned earlier, inmany cases,membership of a registered airsoft skirmishing club is required before purchase. Whatever the case, airsoft is

an expandingmarket that gun retailers need to take a serious look at. GTW

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