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Rigbyreviveslinks toIndia L

ondon gunmaker John Rigby &Co is continuing to revive

its historic links to India with a partnership that will offer its gun owners a bespokemaintenance and repair service. Te service will be provided

in conjunction with Guns& Tackle, a specialist firearms dealer that’s based in Secunderabad in the state ofTelangana. It will also be selling a range of Rigby merchandise. Rigby has had no official

dealers in India since before WorldWar II.Prior to that, large numbers of firearms were imported by its principal agents Manton&Co and the Bombay Armoury. Rigby’s pre-war Indian business

was so extensive that available records suggest thatManton& Co was Rigby’s largest client in the 20th century and there are still

SaifAtari (leſt) andMarcus Camposwith Rigby’sMarcNewton (right).

many historic Rigby shotguns and rifles in the country. Tis latestmove follows

a rekindling of Rigby’s old associations in the subcontinent that began in 2015 with the firm’s reacquisition of the .275 Rigby that JimCorbett famously used to dispatch a number ofman-

eating big cats in the Kumaon region. Last April,Rigby donated

£20,000 towards tiger conservation in India’s Jim CorbettNational Park and managing directorMarcNewton took the rifle on a tour of the area to raise awareness of present-

day conservation concerns. It was during this tour that the foundations were laid for the new partnership. Marcus Campos,who runs

it with his business partner Saif Attari, established Guns& Tackle in 2013.Both are skilled competitive shots and have competed in ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) rifle and shotgun events. MarcNewton said:“During

this year’s tour of Corbett country I was honoured to see that somany elements of Rigby’s history in India still survive. “Guns&Tackle is uniquely

well placed to provide present- day enthusiasts with the high level of service that such a long- standing relationship deserves.”

John Rigby&Co

Gerber goes 24/7 tomeetdemand

Tool and knifemanufacturer Gerber has been so successfulwith its US- made gear that it has added a third shiſt to its USmanufacturing plant, so it nowruns round the clock. The firmsaid itwas responding to increased demand for both newand

existing products by adding the extra shiſt at its Portland,Oregon, facility. Kalon Pilmanis, generalmanager of tools and gear at Gerber, said:

“Gerber’s Portland plant has remained a steadfast and strategic part of the business.We have beenworking for years to increase the strength of our domesticmanufacturing and thismove confirms our organisation’s direction aswell as the quality and innovation of our products, both new andmature.” The firmrevealed that numerous products and initiatives are

contributing to the substantial volume increases thatwarranted the shiſt. These included the StrongArmFixed Blade, Impromptu Tactical Pen,06 and CovertAutomatic knife, and the iconicMP600Multi-Tools. Two new products adding to the excitement are the Center-DriveMulti-Tool and the US-Assist Pocket Knife.




FoxPro-backedAlMorris and GarvinYoung have been celebrating aſterwinning the 2016World Championship Coyote Calling Contest in theUSA. Aſter competing for 20 consecutive years, they have now

won fourworld championships and aſter completing this momentous event the pair said: “We couldn’thave done it without the FoxPro Shockwave. “We called in highwinds and poor conditions and the

Shockwave broughtus home the championship,alongwith the Gun Series coyote diaphragms.We’d like to thankRuger, Hornady,EOTech,SuppressedArmamentSystems,BogPod, andUSOptics forhelping us secure the 2016 title.” Alwas inducted into theWorld Championship Coyote

Calling ContestHall of Fame,and Garvinwas given the Predator Callerof theYear award.

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