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Following the successful launch of our new name and website this summer, we’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about the future here at Sleep Retailer.


ur focus has always been on the unique and innovative companies that make the bedding industry great—whether they are the leading manu- facturers or smaller, family-owned business- es. We highlight the brands that not only offer creative sleep solutions but also support their claims with real benefits. As we look to the future, we want to continue to support these movers and shakers: the manufacturers who are committed to making innovative products, offering higher margins and ensuring impec- cable customer service.

Because even as the world becomes smaller and mass produced products be- come more prevalent, there are still a num- ber of companies whose main goal is pro- viding its customers with the best quality, the most value and the highest level of support. And we want to showcase them. With this in mind, we selected Shifman Mattress Co. for this issue’s cover. For over a century, Shifman has manufactured the highest quality sleep products by hand—its longstanding commitment to excellence never wavering. By refusing to cut corners, the company has maintained a tradition of true craftsmanship that has benefited its re- tail partners and customers alike. The bedding industry is changing rapidly, though, with new online retailers and distribu- tion channels shaking things up. For this is-

sue’s Q&A, we turned to Spring Air, PureCare and ZedBed asking, “How are you staying relevant in today’s changing marketplace?” Throughout the magazine, we’ve high- lighted a number of companies that are doing just that. From innovative bedding accessories to quality children’s bedding, these manufacturers have developed a va- riety of valuable retail solutions. With the market for add-on purchases continuing to grow, this issue’s “Product Focus” highlights six companies that are helping retailers in- crease their tickets with unique bed sheets and linens. We believe that sleep education is im- portant to every aspect of this industry— from the manufacturer to the retailer to the consumers themselves. Which is why we’ve added something new to this issue: a special column from Dr. Robert Oexman of Kingsdown’s Sleep To Live Institute. In it, he sheds light on some fun and important sleep facts—reminding us all that getting a good night’s rest isn’t a luxury, it’s an essential for our health.

As the bedding retail market continues

to change with the times, so is Sleep Retailer. We are excited to see how the industry will grow and evolve—and we look forward to keeping you up-to-date every step of the way. —Christopher Schriever @SleepRetailer 34 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2015

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