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Bedgear Performance Bedding Partners with the Denver Broncos

By Gretchen Kast In an effort to enhance sleep performance for players and consumers, Bedgear Performance Bedding has embarked on an exciting new partnership with the Denver Broncos. Bedgear sponsors a number of profession- al sports teams including the National Hock- ey League’s New York Islanders and Major League Baseball’s New York Mets, San Di- ego Padres and Detroit Tigers, and is now partnering for the first time with the NFL to engage with a wider audience.

“ This partnership offers the ability for Bedgear to promote its lineup to our fans through a strategic partnership with the team.”

Bedgear’s partnership with the Denver Broncos is a first step to introduce the per- formance bedding product line to players, coaches, team staff and fans and help them achieve optimal performance through bet- ter rest and maximum recovery. According to sleep researchers getting quality sleep is essential for athletic performance. Benefits of a well-rested team are linked to improved focus, memory, speed, accuracy, weight main- tenance, energy levels, and reaction time. “The Denver Broncos are excited to part- ner with Bedgear this season,” said Dennis Moore, VP Sales and Marketing with the Denver Broncos. “Studies show the impor- tance of sleep in terms of performance re- covery, and this partnership offers the ability for Bedgear to promote its lineup to our fans through a strategic partnership with the team and Denver Mattress.” To launch the partnership, Bedgear partici- pated in the Broncos first ever Health & Well- ness Expo educating fans on sleep quality

and performance. Bedgear hosted a person- alized pillow fitting at UCHealth Training Cen- ter for the players, coaches and team staff in order to provide them with performance bed- ding products that include pillows and sheets to utilize throughout the season. “Bedgear’s values align perfect with the Broncos sleep initiatives and working with the team was a great choice for us due to our strong retail presence at hometown retail- er, Denver Mattress, the Official Furniture & Mattress Sponsor of the Broncos,” said Sha- na Rocheleau, VP of Strategic Development. “Denver Mattress possesses an experienced sleep sales team, so fans that want to get recovery, performance and achievement like their favorite player can visit the store nearest them and be guaranteed the same personal- ized fitting process,”

Bedgear and Denver Mattress will host an eight-week retail promotion in 16 of their local retail locations encouraging fans to register to win an exclusive VIP Broncos experience. “Denver Mattress is excited to welcome fans into any of our retail locations to be fit- ted with the same gear the Broncos sleep on,” said Joe Sparks, National Sales Manager for Denver Mattress. “We have formulated a win- ning process of mattress production coupled with its patented pillow fitting system. This formula matches the proper sleeping surface with the correct pillow, to maximize your sleep experience, allowing you to awaken ready to conquer the new day.” Visit

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