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local manufacturing, quality components, long-lasting products and superior service and support. In addition to providing an ex- clusive selling opportunity, limited distribution allows Shifman to really support their dealers with quality service. This commitment to creating strong re- lationships with its retailers is just another way Shifman sets itself apart from its com- petition. The company recently celebrated 80 years of working with Benjamin T. Moy- er Furniture in Sunbury, PA. “There is just no other mattress like it in the business. Everyone else has changed,” notes Dave Moyer,

current store manager. “Shifman

processes its own cotton and hand tufts its mattresses. The materials are all natural, not synthetic. These are the quality prod- ucts we choose to put in our store. In fact we sell more Shifman mattresses than any- thing else in the store.” To commemorate this monumental anni-

versary, Shifman created a new version of its two-sided cotton, hand-tufted mattress on a real working box spring especially for the Ben- jamin T. Moyer store. Shifman adheres to the idea that the mattress should fit the sleeper, not the other way around—and because every Shifman bed is hand-made, the company is able to tailor its products to the unique needs of its retail partners and dealers.

It’s with that goal in mind that Shifman is looking toward the future. The company is embarking on major national branding push in the coming year—aimed to help its existing retailers and reach new prospects. In addition to print advertising, it is devel- oping new television and radio ads, in part- nership with their dealers, to expand their consumer reach. Hammer has a clear vision of what’s next for the brand: making sleep a priority, educating consumers about the importance of quality. “When the consumer sees the value in sleeping better, mattresses become much more than just another commodity,” Hammer explains. “We want to make quality sleep a priority again.” Visit

Presented in the style of a post-game press event, Shifman recently hosted an exciting pro- motional event at its Newark, NJ facility. The company welcomed Kristaps Porzingis—the first round draft pick for the New York Knicks—to join them as part of the new product unveiling. Porzingis knows how challenging it can be to find the right size mattress for your body type. At over seven feet tall, he is familiar with the trouble many people have when trying to find their perfect bed. Which makes him the perfect recipient of the company’s latest introduction: the Athletic King. At 80 inches wide and 98 inches long, the new Athletic King is 18 inches longer than a standard king size bed and four inches wider. It was a longtime relationship with a local sports agency that led Shifman to develop this new prod- uct. For many people, athletes or not, a King or even a California King size bed is just not large enough. Porzingis said that, sometimes, he even had to resort to pushing a few different mattresses together in order to get a good night’s rest. With the idea of creating a larger mattress size firmly planted in his mind, president Bill

Hammer went straight to his team of craftspeo- ple, the people at Shifman who would actually be building the bed, to discuss the logistics. Is this even possible? “They told me that, in terms of construction, it would be no different for them to make an Ath- letic King than any other size Shifman mattress— since every bed we make is truly hand-made,” Hammer explains. “This new size uses the same components, but in a bigger quantity: more springs, a larger frame and a wider perimeter.” This is the same philosophy to which Shifman adheres for all of its products: the mattress should fit the sleeper, not the other way around. The Athletic King is an essential, high-end solu- tion for the many consumers that will never be comfortable in an average size bed. More than just an exciting event, Shifman’s part- nership with Porzingis helps the company further expand its consumer reach to a whole new de- mographic: the sports world. Joined by a host of sports journalists and press, Shifman showcased its unique strengths and introduced a wider range of new consumers to the importance of high-quality bedding and personalized comfort and support. 11

A Mattress Fit for A 7-Foot Basketball Superstar

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