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HomTex Introduces New DreamLiving Brand of Bedding Essentials By Gretchen Kast

DreamLiving is the newest addition to the HomTex family of brands. Following the company’s product philosophy of creating everyday sleep solutions with practical in- novation, the new DreamLiving brand offers smart, practical bed linens and accessories. Rather than relying on the latest trends, DreamLiving aims to provide retailers with high-quality, affordable essentials that nev- er go out of style. This comprehensive new line-up includes a variety of sheet, duvet and pillow options. All of the fabrics have been carefully selected; DreamLiving’s proprietary fabric compositions were designed for max- imum versatility, functionality and durability. Through natural and innovative patented techniques, DreamLiving offers a range of products that incorporate the latest advanc- es in temperature and moisture control for superior personalization.

DreamLiving uses the “best-of” today’s nat- ural and blended fabrics and fibers in order to offer retailers a range of high-quality bedding at an affordable price. The Cotton Garment Washed European Percale is a classic bed- ding linen with a soft, lightweight feel that is cool and crisp to the touch. Made from 100% cotton, the percale weave is both durable and

30 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2015 comfortable, touting long-lasting quality. It

comes with a luxurious matte finish that adds texture and dimension, giving this collection a modern, sophisticated touch. DreamLiving offers a smart, performance based option in its Tencel/Cotton Garment Washed Sateen Blend bedding. A unique blend of softness and breathability, this col- lection is not only silky smooth but also mois- ture-wicking. Made from 70% Tencel and 30% extra long staple cotton, this product offers advanced temperature regulating and natural anti-microbial properties to support healthy, comfortable sleep. The premium Supima Cotton Garment

Washed Sateen is a luxurious and rare textile. Sometimes referred to as the “cashmere of cotton” supima is an extremely high quality, American-grown cotton that naturally offers unique comfort benefits. It’s the longest sta- ple cotton, making it more durable than any other cotton product.

All of the DreamLiving fitted sheets are de- signed with HomTex’s patented FitRite panel that allows a snug, secure fit on mattresses of any height. For further security, the sheets feature elastic bands that are four times wider and 20 times stronger than industry standards. DreamLiving’s new duvet covers

are made with functional features, understated

design and bold detailing. The “Easy Fill” Zipper runs vertically along the duvet for fast and easy dressing, while the class hem design hides any hardware for a clean crisp look. DreamLiving completes the duvet set with the Suprelle Fusion Fiber Duvet Insert. Suprelle Fusion technology is the latest advancement in down products, providing consumers with all the luxuries and none of the stresses of down. Resilient and wash- able, this lightweight material offers supe- rior comfort while eliminating the clumping issues that can plague traditional down. The company’s signature Patented Quilt- ed Sheets are a functional and fashionable solution to a common sleep concern. The un- derside provides the feel of a top sheet, while the cover is quilted with beautiful patterns and materials—creating a lightweight alternative to a quilt and a warmer option than a top sheet. DreamLiving rounds out its full collection of bedding accessories with innovative pil- lows and pillow covers. The Suprelle Fusion Fiber Pillow is made from the advanced Su- prelle material, creating a luxury alternative to down pillows. For environmentally con- scious consumers, the Breathable Latex Pil- low is an advanced sleeping solution that of- fers added support made from eco-friendly materials. Consumers can further enhance the comfort of DreamLiving’s signature pil- lows with two unique covers. The patent- ed DreamCool pillow cover offers added comfort and temperature control, while the Sorbtek cover provides advanced moisture movement technology. With zippered clo- sures, these pillow covers can be easily add- ed or removed by the sleeper to accommo- date daily or seasonal comfort needs. All of the DreamLiving products are de- signed to complement one another, creating continuity and endless design possibilities. For added convenience, DreamLiving offers a wide range of purchase options, including sets and separates. Visit

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