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“ Shifman has never wavered from its commitment to local manufacturing, quality components, long-lasting products and superior service and support.”

different comfort levels without scrimping on its core support components: natural cotton, Talalay latex and eight-way, hand-tied box springs. The cover ticking is made from a soft woven material with complimentary borders to offer a modern look. At the top of the line, the styling includes deluxe specialty tape and 18-carat gold corner guards—elevating this collection to a new level of luxury. Though much of its business is within the highest echelon of the market, Shifman’s full product portfolio includes a wide range of price points. Ranging from $799 to $2199 at retail, the Quilted Collection offers quality fea- tures and materials at a more approachable price. Each mattress is made with a two-sided construction, up to 47 pounds of natural cotton upholstery, a heavy-steel Bonnelll innerspring unit and all-coil grid top boxspring. Made from quality materials and design, the Quilted Col- lection creates a strategic entry-point for con- sumers of all ages and budgets who are look- ing for the look and feel of a Shifman mattress. Together with the mid-range Vintage Collec- tion, Shifman’s comprehensive portfolio offers a variety of revenue opportunities for retailers.

10 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2015

This idea of true value has not only influ- enced the company’s manufacturing practic- es, but its strategic distribution decisions as well. The company’s target demographic is the top 20% of the market—discerning consum- ers with a higher disposable income, who are looking to invest in the quality materials and luxury feels that will complement their high- end tastes. So rather than saturating the mar- ket, Shifman sets up exclusive partnerships with the finest department and furniture stores to ensure minimal competition in their area. For furniture retailers, the choice to stock mattresses is not just an added convenience for their customers—bedding can be an inte- gral part of a store’s overall business and rev- enue. By offering high-end mattresses along with high-end furniture, retailers can increase their tickets and elevate the overall percep- tion of their store. As the retail landscape has evolved over the years, many mattress companies operate with the intention of making the most profit at the lowest cost—often at the expense of the product and customer support. But Shifman has never wavered from its commitment to

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