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PureCare Invites Retailers to “Discover the Cooler Side of Health and Wellness”

By Brooke S. Pisarsky Glacies, the newest addition to the PureCare Elements premium sheet line, is invigorating both retailers and consumers with a combina- tion of PureCare’s exclusive FRíO Rapid Chill Cooling Fibers and plush Tencel. The sheet line’s beautiful feel and discernible cool touch were so compelling to new and existing deal- ers that shipments of Glacies premium sheets have far exceeded expectations within weeks of the Las Vegas summer market. But the success and demand for PureCare’s exclusive cooling FRíO fiber is far from short-lived. “The need for cooler sleep solutions is con- stant for consumers who suffer from sleep heat,” said PureCare’s CMO, Sean Bergman. “By cre- ating a complete health and wellness collection of cooling FRíO products, we’re providing our retailers with a unique story that is truly reso- nating with their consumers, and allowing the retailer to capitalize on the recognition of the FRíO franchise which has been widely well-re- ceived in the sleep products industry.” When tested, PureCare’s proprietary mi-

carex-mineral based FRíO technical textile is found to cool five times faster than standard polyester. The power of this cooling story is now featured in a variety of products that will be available at the fall High Point market. The full line includes PureCare’s already success- ful FRíO 5-Sided mattress and pillow protec- tors, the new SUB-0° hybrid pillow collection and of course, the PureCare Elements Gla- cies premium sheet sets. The newest addition to the PureCare Elements sheet line, Glacies embraces the same great “Feel, Fit and Fin- ish” benefits offered by the existing SeaCell, Celliant and Bamboo Elements sheet ensem- bles, utilizing precision-fit pocketed corners and elastic cuff to ensure that the sheets don’t shift throughout the night. The Glacies collection is available in four signature colors: light blue, white, ivory and dove gray. “We have constantly focused on the equa- tion that delivers a luxury sheet,” Bergman continued. “Customers expect much more

today than just a soft hand feel, and by com- bining the specialized fit of the sheet, the ul- tra-soft hand of Tencel, and the finish of FRíO Rapid Chill Cooling Fibers, we are combin- ing all of the necessary ingredients to allow specialty mattress and furniture retailers the ability to truly be competitive in sheets when competing against the thread-count-focused story found in big box and mass merchant re- tailers. And it’s working.” With the launch of its SUB-0° hybrid pil- low collection, PureCare is inviting its con- sumers to “find relief from sleep heat.” The new SUB-0° pillows feature a unique triple chamber design that combines technical textiles and premium fills to fuse wellness with cooling comfort. The pillow covers are a combination of PureCare exclusive FRíO Rapid Chilling Cooling Fibers and the ul- tra-plush feel of Tencel threads. The result is a luxury responsive textile that is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cools five times faster than traditional poly- ester. All pillows in the line feature Mite- Tight sealed seams and, as with all FRíO products, are treated with antibacterial sil- ver ions that locate and deactivate bacteria on contact. The Triple Chamber SUB-0° Hybrid Pillow mixes PureCare’s exclusive designer down, Identically Down (I.D.), and ultra-plush Tencel fibers. The SUB-0° White Down Hybrid Pillow features a white down-and-feather central chamber treated with ultra-fresh, which inhib-

“ By creating a complete health and wellness collection of cooling FRíO products, we’re providing our retailers with a unique story that is truly resonating with their consumers...”

its the growth of bacteria and fungi. The two outer chambers feature a combination of I.D. fibers and Tencel.

Building on the success of the most well known solution for hot sleepers, PureCare will be introducing streamlined in-store displays that combine the entire FRíO collection, in- cluding Glacies premium sheets, SUB-0° pil- lows and FRíO mattress and pillow protectors. The displays will help retailers call attention to the solutions that the FRíO franchise of prod- ucts offers, and help them communicate how all of the products contribute to a healthier and customized sleep environment. Visit 27

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