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SPLASH! TRADE SHOW TO HOST AUSTRALIAN EXCELLENCE AWARDS To be held on Thursday 17 July on the Gold Coast, the SPASA Australia Awards of Excellence recognise achievement in design, construction, innovation, and professionalism across the pool & spa industry. The Awards program gives recognition to SPASA members who have demonstrated the highest degree of competency and professionalism. “This year SPASA Australia has reinvigorated our awards categories and now include various product and spa categories as well as the most prestigious Builder Award in Australia – the SPASA Australia Pool of the Year. This will be fantastic – it’s truly the Best of the Best,” said CEO, Brendan Watkins.

“SPLASH! is the ideal occasion on which the Awards can be presented,” said Simon Cooper, Publisher of SPLASH! magazine. The SPASA Australia Awards of Excellence Gala Dinner will incorporate the fourth edition of the SPLASH! Environmental Awards. These Awards have gained international recognition promoting environmental and sustainable achievements.

SAUNA SPA POOL CHINA 2014 EXPECTS TO TRIPLE With months to go until the exhibition, already over 73 companies with 100 renowned brands have already confirmed their participation. More registrations have been received compared to the same period prior of the previous event and many exhibitors have enlarged their stands and display their latest products. Well-known brands including Waterco, Harvia, Kiyea, SEKO, Palintest, Minder, PoolKing, Laswim, PSH Pool, FIRSLE, Aquarine, ChiFung are already on board.

Top Swimming Pool Award for New Jersey Based Firm

The Northeast Spa and Pool Association, known throughout the pool industry as ‘NESPA’, recently bestowed several coveted awards to a select group of exclusive in-ground pool builders, who exhibited prodigious skill in the design and installation of luxury swimming pools and associated amenities. Among the 2013 award winners, Cipriano Landscape Design was presented with the prestigious Gold ‘Exceptional Recognition for Design & Build- Concrete’ to honor its architectural ingenuity and implementation of the violin pool, in

Bedford, New York. This extraordinary swimming pool design is an exact replica of a 1700s era Stradivarius violin, and includes details such as tuning pegs, upper and lower bouts, F-holes, purflings, and strings. This pool is truly the first of its kind to be seen by the industry.

The violin pool was outfitted in unique iridescent glass tiles, which numbered nearly half a million pieces. The colour of the gradient translucent glass tiles transition on the floor of the pool in every direction in order to give the pool extraordinary depth, and to simulate the crown of the violin. In order to accomplish this, the Cipriano design team plotted each sheet of tile on the pool floor, which enabled the color flow in all four directions to blend seamlessly into the wall colour. In addition, where the chinrest on a conventional violin would lie, the pool houses a perimeter overflow spa, which is finished entirely in jet-black glass tiles. At “the

neck” of the violin, the pool is intersected by transparent acrylic panels on both sides, which enables the swimmers to have full few of the fish filled koi ponds that surround it. The violin pool is further inundated

with cutting edge technological advances. The violin ‘strings’ are embedded within

SCP Europe Showcase & Conference In Toledo Balboa, Flexinox, Beachcomber, Vogue and UWE,

SCP Europe, a subsidiary of PoolCorp, the world’s largest wholesale distributor of swimming pool supplies and spas, held its Vendor Showcase and Sales Conference in Toledo, Spain in late November. Held every two years and after SCP’s first Showcase in Lisbon 2011, this second edition was also the occasion to celebrate PoolCorp’s 20th anniversary, SCP Pool Spain’s 10th anniversary and to inaugurate the latter’s new premises, hence the choice of Spain for this event.

More than 230 participants, including SCP

Europe’s sales, marketing, purchasing, technical and after-sales teams, PoolCorp’s top management and the market’s primary vendors from 14 different countries including Hayward, Pentair, Maytronics, Monarch, Kripsol, Rain Bird, Plastiflex,

exchanged information on the market’s innovations in a convivial and studious environment, via the products on show on 40 stands but also through the 52 technical and commercial conferences. SCP places great importance on its privileged relationship with its main partners and customers, as illustrated by these days of personalised training sessions and meetings. On the final day more than 100 VIP customers were also invited to discover the products on offer in 2014 and to talk directly with the vendors. The event closed with a gala dinner and a magnificent firework display. SCP remains faithful to its

activity as a distributor, working to bring vendors and wholesale customers together in a spirit of constructive partnership .

SPN February 2014 85

the gradient glass tile blend on the pool floor, and have 5760 strands of fibre optics woven seamlessly through the glass tile that are subsequently wired to 40 illuminators. “Every aspect of this pool was challenging,” said Chris Cipriano, President of Cipriano Landscape Design. “Weaving the fibre optic strands into the glass tile pattern was extremely technical and had not been attempted previously in the pool industry.” Additionally, the lights are synchronised via a computer controller to an underwater audio system, and will thus calibrate perfectly with any music being played. The pool was also outfitted with a Riverflow Jet System, which creates a 2,000-gallon per minute current that allows the pool occupants to swim, or kayak against. The pool is also

equipped with various other luxurious options, such as a 1,000,000 BTU heater for year round usage, a fiber optic side glow cable, an electric heat pump, and the ability for the homeowner to monitor/adjust flow rates and water chemistry via an iPhone. This exclusive pool also won NESPA’s Gold award for ‘Glass Tiled Pools’, the ‘Peoples Choice Award’, and ‘Best in Competition’ due to its daring designs and its complex assembly. The Cipriano team faced numerous and intense challenges regarding its design and implementation, due to the fact that a project of this magnitude and complexity has never truly been carried out previously within the luxury pool industry.

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