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typical bather load, additional disinfection technologies, such as filtration and pool volume turnover.

LOW PRESSURE AND LOW MAINTENANCE UV FROM TOPLINE With over ten years of experience in the manufacturing of low pressure (LP) UV units, Topline Electronics are very well placed to explain the overall benefits of UV, but are always quick to point out that UV is not a replacement for chlorine. When discussing the alternatives to chlorination of a pool ultraviolet generation (UV), having now been a mainstream water treatment solution for a decade, will likely be suggested. The Topline range of ultraviolet generators have no moving parts and no complex electronic and electrical systems. They need little routine maintenance, simply replacing the lamps and quartz sleeves annually. Topline LP UV units are available to suit system pool flows of up to 200m3 an industry standard 60mj/cm2

a transmission value of T10 95%, at the end of lamp life, using only 100w of power per 25m3

/hr of pool flow. Using low pressure UV lamps at a wavelength of 254nm, the system has a proven chloramine reduction and germicidal effect. The flow of water through the system has been calculated to provide optimum contact with the UV light without any shadow areas, ensuring all the water is fully treated.

A UV unit will reduce the need to dump Topline’s Low Pressure UV Generator

/hr, offering of UV dose, at

expensive water to reduce combined chlorine, showing a net positive payback on the capital investment, and will prevent such chlorine resistant micro-organisms as Cryptosporidium and Giardia from re-infecting the pool should an incident occur. The free-chlorine level of the pool can typically be cut in half to offer a more pleasant environment to swim in. Topline LP UV units are proven to improve

the swimming pool water quality which in turn increases the air quality, all leading to a greater customer satisfaction and an overall reduction in costs.

STRONG WORLDWIDE PRESENCE The HydroChlor Salt Water Chlorinator from Waterco Europe automatically generates chlorine to keep a swimming pool clean and healthy. Precision chlorine production

CASE STUDY History Made Behind The Scenes At London Aquatics Centre

Whilst ultraviolet treatment has been an established technology in the swimming pool industry for over 20 years, the London 2012 Games were the first in history to include the use of UV disinfection as part of the aquatic events water treatment strategy. Working with one of Europe’s leading filtration and leisure specialists, Euro Pools, atg UV Technology were chosen to provide a range of UV disinfection systems to protect athletes from the risk of waterborne pathogens, including chlorine resistant pathogens, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. The UV technology provided by atg was medium pressure ultraviolet treatment. Importantly, the use of medium pressure UV treatment breaks down problem chloramines, which results in a number of key benefits to the swimming pool environment:

Crystal Clear Water: As part of the coverage, underwater cameras played a huge role in making the aquatic

78 February 2014 SPN

competitions an exciting and atmospheric spectacle. By using UV disinfection, problem chloramines that cause swimming pool water to look dull and hazy are removed, leading to bright, crystal clear water that allowed the underwater cameras to catch all of the action in stunning clarity.

Chloramine Destruction: By breaking down the problem chloramines (Mono- chloramines, Di-Chloramines and Tri- chloramines), the associated problems of using chlorine as a disinfection barrier are eliminated. This means no more ‘red- eyes’, no more itchy, burning skin and importantly, for the Games’ spectators and

journalists, the overpowering chlorine smell is transformed into fresh, clean air.

Corrosive Condensation: With the total cost of the London Aquatic centre standing at £214m, operators will be happy that the risk of corrosive condensation, eating away at the fabric of the building (vents, piping ducts, pool side furniture and metal fixtures), is greatly reduced by the use of UV disinfection.

atg UV Technology Systems installed at the 2012 London Games Swimming Venue, London Aquatic Centre

3rd Party Validation: When selecting UV disinfection systems for the world’s greatest aquatic sporting event, guaranteed performance was essential to ensure the requirements of the NSF-50 standards were fully met. atg UV Technology systems are independently third party validated using biometric testing with live surrogate microorganisms. This allows atg UV Technology to guarantee UV performance, meeting the required 3 log reduction (99.9% kill) of chlorine resistant Cryptosporidium.

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