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Monitored by the ORP demand, Hydrolysis is achieved by a controlled electrical charge being passed through a combination of specially coated titanium plates, which separates the water (H2


into its constituent Hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O) Molecules. This reaction then reforms quickly and briefly into associated chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide (H2

O2 ozone (O3

), Atomic Oxygen (O) and ). All three of these

carry a significantly higher

relative value (ORP) than chlorine gas or indeed sodium hypochlorite and, by the time they reach the pool, have

reformed into H2O leaving no harmful traces in the pool water.

The ProPureSV: Ion system utilises an automated copper/silver ionisation process directly treating the pool filter with copper and silver Ions. Historically this has been a highly successful method for water treatment, as the ions produced act as a very efficient biocide, and also is an equally efficient clarifier.

The new SV UV Scenic has the same intelligent control unit as the SV Ion but incorporates ultraviolet treatment, thus eliminating the requirement for copper/silver. The SV UV Scenic ultraviolet radiation which uses a wavelength of 253, 7nm, across a process of photolysis and photo-oxidation, destroys the organic matter in pools. UV sterilisation has been used for many years in the pool industry but until now has always required chlorine donors alongside. ProPure advanced technology has finally eliminated the need for any such chemicals, while providing much improved protection against all bacteria, a host of viruses and other causes of unhealthy water quality. ProPure Oxygen process to date is one of the most profound and beneficial advancement in non-toxic water purification technology that has been introduced in the swimming pool industry.


The Prozone Eco Master chlorine-free treatment for residential pools and spas combines, in one compact system, state- of-the-art UVC germicidal with Ozone and Advanced Oxidation Processing (AOP). The result is the most powerful non-chemical, non-chlorine/bromine operation for swimming pools on the market.

The Prozone Eco Master is a compact, state-of-the-art UVC germicidal with Ozone and Advanced Oxidation Processing (AOP) system

The highly popular Blue Lagoon UV range from Certikin is expanding for 2014 to include a saltwater UV System

comes with a two year warranty. It features a straight outlet for compact installation. The white reflecting polycarbonate housing is resistant up to sea water levels.

Eco-friendly ozone and hydroxyl radicals are created inside the unit and then injected into the water flowing through a pure quartz glass tube where it goes to work, oxidising and precipitating the water, destroying contaminants it comes in contact with. The resultant treated water is as clean as pure drinking water sparkling and healthy with no harmful by-products.

The benefits of the Prozone Eco Master are clear: • Compete Oxidation of Organics and Chloramines

• Destroys Toxic Organics and Chemicals • Converts Oils To Filterable Solids • Compatible With All Chemicals, pH Neutral • Provides High ORP and Peroxide Residual • Reverts Back to Oxygen • Eliminates Odours and Scaling • Eco Master is UR Component Recognised by Underwriter’s Laboratories Inc

• Patented Advanced Technology, Innovative Design Like No Other


The highly popular Blue Lagoon UV range from Certikin is expanding for 2014 to include a saltwater UV System. Available in 40W (for pools up to 40m3 and 75W (pools up to 75m3

) ), the new Blue Lagoon is easily installed and maintained and


76 February 2014 SPN

The advantages of UV-C products are well recorded. They disinfect water efficiently and safely; combined chlorine is broken down thus protecting the pool from germs; the formation of mould, bacteria and algae is kept under control and the use of chlorine and other chemicals can be reduced up to 80%. In addition, UV-C prevents the smell of chlorine and irritation to the skin and eyes and they are more environmentally-friendly than traditional methods.

ATG OPTIONS TAILORED TO SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS atg UV’s range of treatment systems are proven to improve the swimming pool environment by improving water quality, air quality and safety, leading to increased customer satisfaction. UV systems not only provide disinfection against the 17 known chlorine resistant microorganisms, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which have a thick outer membrane making them highly resistant to traditional Chlorine disinfection, UV also destroys chloramines. Chloramines are formed when free chlorine reacts with organics, such as sweat, body fats and urine, brought into the pool environment by bathers. atg UV Technology now offer a number of UV systems with pre selected options tailored to the specific requirements of swimming pool operators. Typical swimming pool UV units should include: 316L stainless steel chambers, UV monitoring, automatic wiper systems, strainer baskets and the option for half to full power for energy savings during periods of no/low use. Additionally, UV manufacturers should always follow best practise when sizing a UV system, ensuring to supply UV equipment capable of providing a 60 mj/cm2


(average) at a transmission of 94% and taking pool usage into account e.g.

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