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and microorganisms.

There are three module sizes available thus meeting the needs of new and existing pools up to 100m². Cells can be mounted horizontally or vertically to meet your customer’s needs.

For price conscious customers, Golden Coast also offer the Swimmer range of chemical treatments, especially formulated for swimming pools. Here you will find the Swimmer Filter Cleaner, for pre-season cleansing of filter media in both sand and cartridge filters, the Swimmer Algae Destroyer, which clears any winter build-up, and the Swimmer Tidemark Cleaner, which inhibits the staining and damaging effect of dissolved metals and minerals in the water.

BAYROL ACTIVE OXYGEN SYSTEMS FROM POLLET BAYROL’s ‘Active Oxygen’ systems are based on the combination of two components that supplement each other: component one for disinfection and component two to prevent algae growth, to activate component one and clarify the water.

Benefits of using active oxygen systems include products that are much kinder to the skin, hair and eyes. Active oxygen is a softer alternative to chlorine. The products ensure a natural, odour free and natural pool water experience. They are easier to store because of their safe nature.

Part of the BAYROL active oxygen range is Soft & Easy. As its name suggests this product is

extremely gentle to the skin and hair, will cause no eye irritation and is odour

BAYROL’s Soft & Easy gives complete chlorine free water care in a dual sachet

whose effectiveness owes much to its specially tuned, broad-spectrum mercury lamp.

Meanwhile, Triogen’s Uvazone Advanced Oxidation System combines both ozone and UV irradiation.

Another option to consider is the Zodiac Ei Saltwater Chlorinator which has been designed with installers in mind. Managing Director Jamie Adams explains: “It is, without a doubt, the fastest saltwater chlorinator to install! It’s simple, easy and requires no plumbing, thanks to its Quick Fix cell.” Installed on the pool’s filtration system, the Ei cell directly produces disinfectant at a rate of between 10g to 25g per hour (depending on your model). Upon entering the water, this dissolves and fights against bacteria, algae

free. Soft & Easy gives complete chlorine free water care in a dual sachet. One sachet includes algaecide and clarifier and

the other active

oxygen. The pre measured sachets make dosing easy and very cost effective. The product itself is pH neutral and contains additional substances for pH buffering. Overall the product gives sparkling water with easy to use, all in one treatment sachet, no mixing of chemicals or handling of tablets.

A chlorine free liquid product with an immediate effect against water turbidity and the growth of algae is also available in the chlorine-free range from BAYROL. This is BayroShock. It reacts quickly and decomposes without residue.


Aquablanc O2 Gentle is new oxygen based system for keeping swimming pools sanitised and bacteria free and therefore is an alternative to traditional chlorine or halogen based disinfection systems. Based on the active oxygen system (MPS), O2 Gentle not only provides halogen free disinfection, which reduces smells and potential irritation created by halogen treatments, but also produces soft, gentle water that is kinder to the skin, eyes and hair.

The O2 Gentle system is a twin sachet system comprising a 220g granular sachet ‘A’ for the disinfection process and a 50ml liquid sachet, ‘B’, which is an algaecide and bacteria controller. These sachets are complementary and are dosed at similar times to produce a soft, gentle chlorine-free swimming environment. Working synergistically, the two sachets create a reliable water treatment system that guarantees optimal water quality. In addition, the O2 Gentle system includes both substances to clarify water and to minimise scale formation, thus ensuring water remains crystal clear and scale free.

O2 Gentle is easy to dose and can be added directly to the pool by using the ‘scissor cut markings’ and pouring in the opened sachet A & B, in accordance with the accompanying dosing table for varying pool sizes. O2 Gentle should be dosed at least weekly; by adopting a weekly routine the system becomes easy and simple to apply.

PROPURE SYSTEMS FEATURE A COMBINED PROCESS The ProPureSV range uses the latest technology to create crystal clear pool water, without harmful chemicals. The result of a ProPure system is silky smooth feeling water, with no bather irritation – even for sensitive skin and eyes. It also provides the complete control of algae, and a long term reduction of bacteria. This makes the water harmless to the health of both swimmers and the environment. All systems incorporate a scientific process called Hydrolysis combined with either industry standard Ionisation or UV treatment and complemented by automated pH and ORP control. Once set up, the ProPure system requires only 6-monthly (indoor pools) or annual servicing (outdoor pools) which can be completed by one of the company’s network service engineers. ProPure prides itself in keeping up with the latest technology, and for the person who is always on the move: their latest monitoring system enables the pool water to be monitored via the web, or by phone, making sure that the pool water is always kept in perfect condition.

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