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For 2014 Paramount Pools will be exhibiting a number of brand new items including sainless steel products from Marpiscine, a ‘Hidden Leading Edge System’ from Aquamatic safety covers, Kafko seamless welded liners and swimming pool bean bags with memory foam. In addition to these, a trip to their stand will also mean you can see Waterco heat pumps, Seamaid LED lighting, Microfine filter media, Signature One-piece pools and spas plus salt chlorinators from Pool Technologies. See them on stand 630

GET IN POLE POSITION FOR 2014 WITH SPA CREST EUROPE Spa Crest Europe, who were a regular exhibitor at SPATEX during its Brighton days, make the journey to Coventry’s Ricoh Arena and will be showcasing their ranges of genuine American designed and built quality hot tubs. On show will be models from their three branded ranges – Spa Crest, Coastal and Vision – offering professional hot tub retailers a comprehensive portfolio of products covering all key price points and an array of value-building features to cover the majority of customer needs. Also, uniquely to Spa Crest, available for those looking to leverage the strength of their own brand and lock out competitors, is their Brand2Go scheme which allows retailers their own-branded quality product range supported by own- branded marketing collateral, but without any commitment to minimum forward orders. Tony Welsby and his team invite visitors to make a pit-stop at the stand for a drink and an informal chat to learn more about the exciting new products, features and initiatives to put you in pole-position for the 2014 season.

As well as new products to be featured on the stand, visitors to Spa Crest Europe at SPATEX will also be able to get up close and personal with another product manufactured from carbon fibre. To find out what it is, go along to their stand. See them on stand 540

TEC4000 CHEMICAL DOSING CONTROLLER AND MORE FROM TOPLINE Topline Electronics Limited is pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting their innovative TEC4000 swimming pool water chemistry controller for the first time at SPATEX 2014. A high specification unit, the TEC4000 will complement the TEC2000 and TEC3000 from their range of recreational water chemical dosing controllers.

52 February 2014 SPN


The TEC4000 unit, developed entirely in-house at their facility in Hailsham, East Sussex, will offer an all new amperometric free chlorine sensor and flow cell, to provide an advanced stability in free chlorine measurement and control. Other additional features such as a 12 month data- logging memory, with USB download port, 5.7” VGA colour touch screen and MODBUS BMS interface will be available for the new unit.

The new TEC4000 will be exhibited along with the TEC2000, TEC3500, the Siemens Ezetrol Plus pool controller, the Topline advanced LED underwater lights and their LP-UV model of ultra violet generator. They will also be exhibiting a tiled lounger and ice pedestal from our range of Aachen Wellness products for wellness suites. Topline Electronics Limited are the

UK’s largest manufacture of swimming pool controllers and a leading specialist in swimming pool engineering and filtration services.

See them on stand 920


Leisure Water Team. It provides them with the first real opportunity to catch up with friends in an informal atmosphere where they can educate on the importance of pool and spa water testing! The inimitable Colin Day (MISPE) will also be presenting on Monday 3 February, at the workshops and demonstrations.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more in Coventry, discuss the latest in new products for the pool and spa season and of course meet the team and see the product range for 2014.

See them on stand 425

A ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR CHEMICAL NEEDS Total Pool Chemicals is exhibiting at SPATEX for the first time. The company offers a one stop shop for chemicals equipment, consumables and service and at Coventry will be featuring TPX 70 calcium hypochlorite pellets and chemical feeders; a complete range of swimming pool chemicals and test equipment for commercial pools and EGFM filter media, the only recycled glass filter media that is guaranteed sharp free and has drinking water approval. In addition the company hope to talk to visitors about their online pool chemical shop (which offers next working day delivery all over the UK) plus their filtration refurbishment and repair services.

See them on stand 705

WITH THE TALLEST STAND, AT SPATEX, YOU CAN’T MISS COMPASS! Compass Pools will be exhibiting the new baby pool, a scale model pool specifically developed by the company for exhibitions and small showrooms to demonstrate the Compass range. This is a 1:2 scale 11m XL Trainer. It will have the new Beachine Rolocover fitted which provides a relaxation area or play area for the kids!

This pool is also available to dealers for their showrooms and costs £3,500+VAT. The company will also have on their stand a full size F1 car to celebrate the release of the Carbon Edition Compass Pool. For visitors looking for the complete package, the company will be sharing a stand with Spacrest Europe hot tubs.

For those of you attending this year’s awards evening at the Ricoh, Compass will be sponsoring the pre dinner drinks and the entire Compass team will be on hand to serve you your drinks personally! See them on stand 540

WAXMAN CERAMICS’ LUSTRE PEARL RANGE LAUNCH NEW LINES Waxman Ceramics has been in the tile and mosaic industry since the late 80’s and takes pride in the quality of service and products it provides. One of its longest running and most popular ranges, Lustre Pearl, has recently introduced new lines.

Lustre Pearl is a well established range of glass mosaic wall tiles that give a rich finish once implemented. They’re ideal for pool and spa areas, as they reflect light to create a pearlescent effect, but can also add that little luxury to a bathroom or kitchen in the home. The new lines consist of five colours in a number of aquatic blues and greens, which work both together and independently to create a deep pallet of calming tones. With the original range playing around with a two- tone effect in various colours, these new lines add great cohesion to the Lustre Pearl range. With MND-34 (Pearl Marine) being the lightest blue and MND-44 (Pearl Forest) the deepest green amongst the new lines, a definite nod to tranquillity and relaxation is being made. As Waxman Ceramics strive for the utmost quality, the Lustre Pearl range ticks all the right boxes covering style and substance. See them on stand 250

For a full list of exhibitors, visit the SPATEX website at SPN

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