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Nihombashi ─ 日本橋 ─

You will find the long-established shops inheriting historic and traditional arts, financial institutions on the leading edge of economy and everlasting cultures and arts.

To Iwamotocho 13 G To Ueno Olympic Inn Kanda

Chiyoda-ku 千代田区

Kanda Station A Mitsui-Sumitomo Kanda Station Hotel Tokyu Stay Hotel Kazusaya Mitsui-Sumitomo

Takarada-ebisu Shrine

1 Bank of Japan

B 日本銀行 12 G Oriental, Tokyo Mandarin

1 Currency Museum

貨幣博物館 Nihon Building JX

Yurai-hi (monument) TIC TOKYO

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo

Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo Yaesu Terminal Hotel

GranTokyo North Tower

C Yanmar Onward ブリヂストン美術館

Bridgestone Museum of Art (P.64)

Urashimakan 10 G D Hotel Seiyo Ginza 0

Hotel Ginza Raffinato

To Higashi-ginza 1 37 12 A 11 H 八丁堀 Kyobashi Fire Station

東京国立近代美術館フィルムセンター 500m

To Tsukiji : Tourist spot (p59-66): Tourist spot (p59-66) 2

National Film Center, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (P.64)

3 : For details on sightseeing bus routes, please refer to page 12. Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Ajinomoto Hotel Sardonyx Tokyo Kamejimabashi Chuo-ku Kirin Beer 中央区 Hachobori West building

Sumitomo Twin Building East building

To Shinkiba : Tokyo Tourist Information Center, Haneda Airport Branch : TIC TOKYO 4

:Toilet for the Disabled

:Parking Exclusively for the Disabled

:Toilet for the Disabled

:Parking Exclusively for the Disabled

: Parking Available for the Disabled

0: Access1 :Closed2 3 :Admission4 5:Website

: Parking Available for the Disabled

:Open hours

0: Access1 :Closed2 3 :Admission4 5:Website

:Open hours

:Telephone number

:Telephone number


Koto-ku 江東区


Nihombashi Plaza

Nihombashi 10 T 11 G Maruzen Takashimaya Police Station Chuo

Z 9

Nihombashi Mitsukoshi


Oedo Nihombashitei Mitsui Memorial

Mitsukoshi Theater Mitsu

中央通り Rikyuan

Nihombashi Ebisu-ko Bettara Ichi

Suginomori Shrine Toyoko Inn

COREDO Muromachi 4 Chuo Dori

Yamamoto Noriten 日本橋

3 Nihombashi Edobashi Nomura Securities

Water Bus Station COREDO Nihombashi

Tako (Kite) Museum A

13 Nihombashi Post Office 2 (P.64)

Museum(Mitsui Honkan) Mitsukoshi-mae A4 三井記念美術館

Tokyo Nihon-bashi

Hotel Villa Fontaine Nihombashi

Sumisho Hotel Mizuho

Nishitetsu Inn Koami Shrine Chanoki Shrine

Tokyo Nihon-bashi Ningyo-cho

Toyoko Inn 東京証券取引所


Keio Presso Inn Kayabacho 11 T

Nihombashi Fire Station

Center Hotel Tokyo 12 H Mitsui-Sumitomo

Pearl Hotel Kayabacho

Smile Hotel

Tokyo-Nihombashi Lofty Building Hotel Villa Fontaine

Kayabacho Hakozaki building IBM Kokusai Building

Hotel Hokke inn Nihombashi

10 Z Royal Park Hotel Mitsui-Sumitomo

Tokyo City Air Terminal

Hotel Villa Fontaine Hakozaki

3 Shinagawa Aquarium しながわ水族館 MAP P47 B-2

Original dolphin and sea lion shows can be enjoyed on the 1F Sea Surface Floor. The underground Sea Bottom Floor has attractions such as the walk-through tunnel tank that makes you feel as if you were walking inside the ocean, the water tank that jellyfi sh elegantly swim in, and the Seal Hall.

08-min. walk from Omori Kaigan Sta. on the Keikyu Line 110:00–17:00 (until 18:00 during Golden Week and August) *Admission until 30-min. before closing 2Tuesdays, January 1st 3Adults and high school students: 1,300 yen, Junior high / elementary school students: 600 yen, Small children: 300 yen, Senior citizens: 1,200 yen (proof of age required), Children 3 yrs. and younger: free 403-3762-3433 5

4 Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) 羽田空港 MAP P47 D-4

Tokyo International Airport is the gateway to the skies of Tokyo. There are passenger terminals No. 1 and No. 2 for domestic fl ights known as Big Bird, and the new passenger terminal for international fl ights. In addition to observation decks, there are also souvenir shops and restaurants.

0Direct connection from Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Sta., Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Sta., or Haneda Airport International Terminal Sta. on the Tokyo Monorail / Direct connection from Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Sta. or Haneda Airport International Terminal Sta. on the Keikyu Line 124 hours (domestic terminal from 4:45 to 24:00) 2Open 365 days

403-5757-8111 (Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal General Information) 03-6428-0888 (Haneda Airport International Terminal General Information) 5

a Edo Market Place 江戸小路 Below the huge dynamic roof that was designed in the image of a cirrus cloud is a recreation of an Edo townscape. Visitors can experience Japanese tradition and culture just by strolling through. Gathered here are facilities such as restaurants and fashion goods shops that have been specially selected from across the country. 124 hours / Shops: 8:00–22:00 (varies according to the store)

b TOKYO POP TOWN 東京ポップタウン Filled with shops selling characters from anime, a world-famous part of Japanese culture, and hands-on facilities as well. It is a place that anyone can enjoy regardless of age, gender, or nationality, with facilities such as the state-of-the-art Planetarium Starry Café, which is the fi rst planetarium built inside an airport. 124 hours / Shops: 9:00–22:00 (varies according to the store)

Marunouchi Shinagawa Ota Shibamata

The Eastern Tama Area

The Western Tama Area

Tokyo Island

Roppongi Ikebukuro Nihombashi APA Hotel 14 A Jissi park 14 APA Hotel

Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ

Sunrise Building To Akihabara

S 9

Tokyo Nihon-bashi H

Toyoko Inn Mizuho Kodemmacho-ekimae Hamacho Meijiza-mae Tokyo Nihon-bashi Hisamatsu Police Station Ningyocho-ekikita

Ningyocho人形町 Suehiro Shrine

6 13 H

5 Suitengu Shrine 水天宮

Matsushima Shrine 10 S Kasama-inari Shrine Meijiza Theater Toyoko Inn

Hamacho Park

1 Ikegami Honmonji Temple 池上本門寺 MAP P47 C-1

This is the temple where Nichiren, a priest in the Kamakura era, entered Nirvana. There are spectacular buildings in the large precincts of the temple such as the Great Hall and the Five-story Pagoda. On October 11 through 13 every year, the memorial services are held to the illustrious memory of Priest Nichiren. In particular, Mandoh-Neri-Kuyoh is a lantern parade with a crowd of 300,000 people held in the evening of October 12.

010–min. walk from Ikegami Sta. on Tokyu-Ikegami Line 1The precincts are open for 24 hours. (Prayer ceremony at the Great Hall:10:00–15:00) 2Open 365 days 403-3752-2331 5

2 Tokyo City Keiba 大井競馬場 MAP P47 B-2

Opened in 1950. Known as “Tokyo City Keiba (TCK)”, it is the liveliest of all regional racetracks. The Twinkle Race, which is a night race, is held from late March until early December.

02-min. walk from Oi Keibajo-mae Sta. on the Tokyo Monorail 1Varies according to the schedule  2No scheduled holidays 3Admission fee: 100 yen (free for children under 15 yrs. old) 403-3763-2151 5

2 3 4-b

Shibuya Harajuku Omotesando

Ginza Asakusa

Sumida Ryogoku

Ueno Odaiba

Shiodome Shiba


Akihabara Ochanomizu

To Kinshicho

To Asakusa A

15 Shinjuku N 4-a


P35 Ikebukuro Shinjuku

Shibuya P15


P21 Ueno P25 P31 Nihombashi

P33 Roppongi P45

Tokyo P41 P19 P29


Shimbashi Ginza

P27 Odaiba 1 Asakusa Akihabara 4

Area Map

To Morishita

To Kiyosumi-shirakawa

To Toyocho

To Ginza

To Otemachi


Sumidagawa- ohashi


東 T


o 西 z


JR Keiyo Line

新大橋通り 谷 e Shin-ohashi Dori



T o k y o 京

東 Eitai Dori

Ningyocho 人形町 Amazake Yokocho


E x p r e R o




Mitsukoshi-mae 三越前

Expressway Inner Circular Route

i n e Eitaibashi

浜町 Hamacho



日本橋 Nihombashi

Kayabacho 茅場町 a

Minami- takabashi

g a

Nihombashigawa River メト

M t r o e ロ




n 線 i

Shin-nihombashi 新日本橋 Edo Dori


Expressway Ueno Route No.1

Mitsukoshi-mae Kanda

Sotobori Dori


Tokyo Metro Ginza Line



Toei Asakusa Line Showa Dori

Nihombashi Expressway Inner Circular Route

Shin-ohashi Dori Hachobori Kayabacho 東京メ ト Tokyo Metro Hibi

Sumidagawa River

JR Sobu Line JR総武本線

JR Yamanote/Keihin Tohoku Line JR Tohoku/Joetsu Shinkansen 東京



Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line 東京メ

トロ半蔵門線 u t e s w N



Ningyocho o a


Bakuro-yokoyama Toei Shinjyuku Line










esu b

Higashi-nihombashi Toei Asakusa Line

Sumidagawa River

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