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Speaker Bios

Daniel E. Mitchell, P.E. City of Los Angeles DOT Demand-Based Pricing Dan Mitchell is a Senior Transportation Engineer for the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT), where he is currently responsible for parking technology and meter operations citywide. Over the past five years, Dan has led the technological overhaul of the City’s 40,000 metered parking spaces, growing the operation from $21 to $42 million in annual revenue. Prior to this assignment, he managed the City’s ATSAC Traffic Management Center, where he was responsible for the daily operation of 3,000 traffic signals. Dan is currently managing the implementation of LA Express Park, an $18.5 million federally-funded program to reduce traffic congestion and pollution in Downtown Los Angeles through demand-based parking pricing and real-time guidance. Dan is a licensed Civil and Traffic Engineer in California with over 15 years of traffic and parking management experience.

Don Monahan Walker Parking Consultants Showcase: Automated Parking Systems

Don is the leading independent authority on automated vehicle storage and retrieval systems in the United States. Over the last eleven years, Don has traveled to Germany, South Korea, and Japan researching automated, mechanical parking systems. He has writen a chapter on mechanical parking in the publication, PARKING STRUCTURES: PLANNING, DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, MAINTENANCE & REPAIR, Tird Edition, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Norwell, MA. Don is also the principal author of Guide to the Design & Operation of Automated Parking Facilities published jointly by the Automated & Mechanical Parking Association and the National Parking Association. As a member of the International Code Council, Don has authored several sections of the International Building Code related to parking structure design.

Todd Myers Washington Policy Center Eco Fads In Parking

With more than a decade in environmental politics and public relations, Todd Myers’ experience combines planning and implementing public relations strategies for sports franchises, producing award-winning public events, managing successful statewide political campaigns, building strong grassroots coalitions, and creating innovative Internet marketing solutions. Todd is the Environmental Director at the Washington Policy Center, a market-oriented think tank in Seatle. His book, “Eco-Fads: How the rise of trendy environmentalism is harming the environment,” has received national praise. Forbes called it “the definitive tome on the systematic errors of” the environmental movement, and the Heartland Institute said “Myers understands these issues beter than anyone I have encountered in a half-century of work on environmental batlefields.” His work has been featured in many Washington newspapers, the BBC, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. Policies based on Mr. Myers’ ideas have been proposed in Washington state, Michigan and adopted by legislators from across the nation in the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Brent Paxton Parkmobile USA, Inc. Revenue Control Best Practices Brent Paxton has over nine years of parking experience as CFO for AmeriPark, a national parking company, and as principal for Strategic Parking Advisors, a parking advisory services firm for real estate development groups. During his tenure with AmeriPark he focused on technology innovations for the parking industry. Prior to his work in the parking industry, Brent was CFO at a regional construction management firm. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history and business administration from Bob Jones University and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Furman University.

Dr. Harald Raetzsch Skidata AG Cloud Computing Dr. Raetzsch is an experienced Soſtware Executive with a track record of successful missions creating cloud based IT solution portolios. He is an Architect / Designer / Implementer of high tech product portolios. His products are used by thousands of customers and millions of users. Dr. Raetzsch continues his early focus on cloud computing. His experience includes construction of soſtware factories and establishment of distributed soſtware development projects (in Europe, India and the U.S.) to successfully deal with challenging quality, time and social constraints. He has experience in product positioning and branding, negotiations based on European and U.S. law, as well as in- and outsourcing expertise. Dr. Raetzsch is a member of Microsoſt’s ISV Partner Advisory Council, and IBM’s Mid-Market Advisory Board. He is currently the Technology & Business Strategy advisor for several European high tech companies and is a lector at the University of Klagenfurt, Salzburg and the Technical University of Graz. He has been an affiliate of the Stern School of Business, University of New York. Dr. Raetzsch has founded TTAGroup ( HYPERLINK “htp:// TTA-Group consortium is a cross- industry community for technical and market development of safety-related architectures used for drive- and fly-by-wire. He is a founding member, was elected Vice Chairman and is now a fellow of the Workflow Management Coalition ( HYPERLINK “htp://”

Mr. Stephen J. Rebora DESMAN Associate BootCamp (Parking 101) Mr. Rebora is the President of DESMAN Associates; He is a licensed architect and has been an integral part of the parking design and planning industry for over 25 years. As such his works have been published by the NPA, Te Urban Land Institute, and Architectural Record. Mr. Rebora is an active member of the National Parking Associations Parking Consultant’s Council. During his tenure with Desman he has been involved with hundreds of projects which have largely focused on the design of new parking structures.

Kelly Schwager Streetline Sensors – in the street Kelly joins Streetline from SAP AG, where she was a member of the company’s senior leadership team and served as Vice President, Global Communications. In this role, Kelly held global responsibility for all product and solutions-related communications and served as a trusted advisor to the Board and senior executive team on a range of issues, including product launches and global company events, crisis communication, and mergers and acquisitions. In addition, Kelly was also responsible for communication for SAP Co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe. With more than 18 years of marketing and communications experience, Kelly has held various leadership roles with global companies including Symantec, VERITAS, and USWeb/CKS. Kelly also brings deep agency experience from Cunningham Communication and Tink*Aloud, Inc. where she served clients including @Home, CenterBeam, Cisco, and Satmetrix. Kelly is a member of the International Parking Institute, National Parking Association, and Women in Transportation. Kelly holds a bachelor’s degree from Pepperdine University.

Joe Sciulli Chance Management Advisors BootCamp-Parking 101 Joseph P. Sciulli is Vice President and Senior Operations Consultant for CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc. (CMA), an international parking, transportation and access management consulting firm based in Philadelphia. Joe has 23 years’ performance consulting and training experience in municipal and institutional parking management programs, which includes evaluating parking organizations and operational activities, designing and leading parking activity studies, meter security audits, and implementing a privatized meter collections program (in Washington, DC). He has authored a number of professional articles, including the IPI Parking Management Handbook’s chapter on Parking Surveys, and his on- street experience includes surveys and/or program evaluations in cities ranging from New York to Los Angeles and Seatle to Coral Gables.


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