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Speaker Bios

Christine Banning National Parking Association Parking, Population & Sustainability Trends & Research in Parking

Christine Banning joined the National Parking Association as its president in late 2010. Banning is an experienced, nonprofit executive with a proven track record enhancing member and customer value, innovating using technology, supporting member development and increasing organizational success. Banning is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) and member of the American Society of Association Executives. During her first year, Banning helped NPA increase its membership more than 26 percent. In that time, NPA launched a series of historical firsts; its first industry market study, first industry buying power survey and first parking industry issue alerts program. Te NPA Issue Alerts Program keeps members in the know on the regulatory, legal, financial and tax issues of importance to all facets of the parking industry in North America. NPA then rallied the industry for its first Fair Tax Policy Forum hosted in Washington, D.C. last year. Previously, Banning served as the vice president of the SCORE Association, Washington, D.C., a 12,400 member organization, with 364 chapters. During her tenure, she led technology adoption generating 30 percent of the association’s business online. She increased the association’s services with double-digit growth. She earned a B.A. in Public Relations from Marieta College, Marieta, Ohio and an M.A. in Public Communication from Te American University, Washington, D.C.

Sarah Blouch Te Ohio State University PPP – Will it work at the University Level Sarah Blouch is the Executive Director of Transportation & Parking Services at the Ohio State University. She oversees the development and implementation of the long and short term campus transportation network , including campus traffic paterns, traffic signals, wayfinding signage, and the development, promotion and operation of alternative transportation options. Responding to growth and change at OSU, during her 16 years with OSU, new parking programs continue to be developed and implemented; campus transit services and ridership has doubled; and six new garages have been designed and built that incorporate new design techniques and operating ideas. She has been working in the parking and transit industry since 1980.

Frederick Bredemeyer ConsulPark Apps, Information, and the City – Go High Tech for Free Frederick Bredemeyer, CAPP, is a 25 year parking veteran with extensive municipal and private parking experience. Fred gained a broad base of experience as a commercial parking operator, parking consultant and then as Chief Operating Officer of the Miami Parking Authority. Recognized in 2008 as IPI’s Parking Professional of the Year, Mr. Bredemeyer now leads ConsulPark, a parking consulting company that provides recommendations to improve parking operations for municipalities, private operators and for private equity firms investing in parking assets. ConsulPark also assists companies with strategic planning and corporate positioning within the parking and transportation sector.

Barbara Chance Chance Management Advisors, Inc. University Programs – Starved for Cash? Barbara J. Chance, President and CEO of CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc. (CMA), has over 22 years of experience in management of operations and research, project development, financial analysis, strategic and master planning, and urban analysis. Dr. Chance holds a B.A., magna cum laude, and an M.A. from Kansas State University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She has held academic positions at the University of Texas at Austin, Temple University, and the University of Pennsylvania. In 1982, Dr. Chance was selected as the first Director of On-Street Parking for the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Her responsibilities were to develop, implement, and manage a new program to consolidate all on-street parking functions. She organized nine operating branches, including: parking ticket processing, parking enforcement, parking meter operations, regulations and signs, residential permit parking, and a city- wide communications system. Subsequently she founded CMA to provide assistance to parking and transportation organizations in the areas of planning, management, finance, and operations. Dr. Chance has served as the consultant member of the Board of Directors for the International Parking Institute, and is currently serving on the Board of Advisors. Active in regional business affairs, she served as the first woman Chairman of the Small Business Board of Directors for the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.


Frank Ching City of Santa Monica Single Space Meters, gone, or here to stay & Pay by Cell Frank Ching was awarded the 2010 California Parking Professionals Association Parking Professional of the Year and the City of Santa Monica was awarded the 2011 California Parking Professionals Association Parking Program of the Year under his lead. Frank has been regarded as one of the most respected and accomplished professionals in the parking industry in California. He always looks for the next technology-based “big thing” or ways he can improve his parking operations. He has an inherent knack for knowing where the industry is headed and is always one of the first professionals to adapt to change. Frank has worked his way up in the parking industry. He started as a valet in his home state of Hawaii and has held nearly every parking related position imaginable - from valet to atendant to cashier to manager to supervisor. Using his inside knowledge of the job, Frank has begun a license program to administer and regulate valet parking. Frank leſt a job in the private sector to become public employee when he saw the opportunity to help his community by modernizing the parking system. His service to the people he serves far exceeds the requirements of the job. Frank’s atitude is that everyone can make the City a beter place to work and live. In 2000, Frank became a Certified Parking Professional as recognized by the National Parking Association. He is currently enrolled in an MBA program to further enhance his education. Many of his MBA projects have allowed him to explore new opportunities in parking. Frank always shares his story with everyone that parking has always been in his blood. Growing up many children pretend to be policemen or firemen. Frank took his pencil and a litle note pad and started writing tickets by copying license plate. He leſt one on the windshield of every car on his block according to his mother!

Larry J. Cohen, CAPP Lancaster Parking Authority Change your Lighting, Go from Bright to “Green” Larry is a parking professional with over 25 years of parking and transportation experience. He is currently the Executive Director of Te Lancaster Parking Authority in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His previous experience encompasses a wide range of affiliated professions within the industry. From owning his own parking company to service sporting events at the old Veteran Stadium, to Vice- President of Parking Planning for a consulting firm in New York City, and past Director of Parking and Transportation Services at Te George Washington University, Johns Hopkins and the University of Pennsylvania Medical Campuses, Larry brings a wide range of operational expertise. He is currently the President of the Middle Atlantic Parking Association, a Certified Administrator of Public Parking, Board of Advisor to the International Parking Institute, spoken at numerous conferences and workshops, writen a wide range of articles, served as a technical advisor/writer/editor for the U.S. Department of Labor and the Civil Engineer Research Foundation, and was a finalist for the International Parking Institute’s “Parking Professional of the Year” in 2010.

Jeff Courteau Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport BootCamp-Airports Jeff has a BS Business Administration – Accounting from the University of Minnesota. Jeff has been working for the Metropolitan Airports Commission since August 1985. Initially Jeff worked in the Finance Department monitoring and auditing concessionaire gross sales and rent payments. Over time Jeff became responsible for monitoring and auditing one concession operation – parking. Jeff has a natural ability to work with computers and computer systems. He was instrumental in seting up Landside’s Novell network and converted all Landsides paper files to Lotus 1-2-3. He also transitioned our parking revenue control system from Electron to PES and now is transitioning the system to Zeag ZMS. ePark® came out of this process. Jeff lead the development of our custom, state of the art, Ground Transportation Management System known as MAC Automatic Vehicle Identification System (MAVIS). With his computer and accounting background Jeff operates Landside’s revenue control systems at a very high level. During his time in Landside Jeff has utilized his detail orientated background to add analytical reviews of several revisions of the Landside Taxi and Commercial Vehicle Ordinances. Jeff led the draſting of a Joint Powers Agreement between MAC and the Metropolitan Council to provide shutle bus service (now light rail train service) at the airport. During his hiring interview Greg Leean promised Jeff, that he would not be bored working in Landside, “I guarantee that you will be exposed to a variety of issues in Landside.” Jeff would say this variety and the people he works with are the best part of his job.

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