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Speaker Bios

Charles J. “Chuck” Cullen, CPFM, CAPP Te Integrity Group Boot Camp (Parking 101) Mr. Cullen is the first person to receive the Certified Administrator of Public Parking (CAPP) designation by the University of Virginia and the International Parking Institute. He currently serves as an instructor for the CAPP program. He is also a Certified Parking Professional (CPP) and Chairman of the Parking Consultants Council. As a former parking operator and administrator, Mr. Cullen managed off-street and on-street parking assets. He promoted the use of variable rates based upon parking demand. He initiated innovative parking programs to support retail and housing while maintaining a financially independent parking enterprise. As a consultant to the parking industry, Mr. Cullen works with private entities and public agencies to produce practical and cost-effective parking solutions. He provides site selection for new facilities; feasibility, rate, maintenance, and master planning studies; management, operation, and customer service reviews; revenue control system audits, review, specification development, and installation oversight. He is a member of the International Parking Institute (IPI), National Parking Association (NPA), Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and several regional parking associations. He has also made numerous presentations on parking topics at conferences and seminars throughout the country.

Dennis Cunning DLC Consulting Revenue Control and Hands on Auditing; Boot Camp (Parking 101) Dennis L. Cunning formed DLC Consulting in 1989 aſter 15 years of hands-on operations experience with three nationally recognized professional parking management firms. Having managed numerous facilities while rising through the ranks from an Assistant Manager trainee to the executive position of Vice President of Operations, provides the experience to offer seasoned advice and direction for your individual parking concern. Since forming DLC Consulting and in combination with his experience in the private sector, Mr. Cunning has been involved in over 1,200 parking facilities in more than 25 states, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Europe, Mexico City, Chile, Malta, Philippines, Hong Kong, and the UK. Aside from presenting at many State parking conferences, PIE, and Boot Camp; Mr. Cunning has also presented at the South East Asia Parking Conference -Manila, the Middle East Parking Conference – Abu Dhabi, and Transpo Quip – Sao Paulo.

Mat Darst Affiliated Computer Services, Inc PPP and how it Worked in Indianapolis Mat Darst, JD, presided over a number of major programs during his 16-year tenure with the Chicago Department of Revenue, including two parking ticket amnesty programs; changes to boot eligibility; and the introduction of cuting edge technologies and process reengineering to vastly improve productivity. Tese experiences have provided Mr. Darst the unique ability to anticipate the needs of government and direct resources as appropriate. He joined Xerox in June of 2010. Since, he managed the implementation of the Indianapolis parking meter concession, including branding, public relations, and the implementation of new technologies and worked with customers to manage and improve performance and apply innovation to their businesses.

Rick Decker Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport BootCamp-Airports Rick has been the Parking Operations Manager since 2003. He has been active in creating and implementing new parking programs and in advancing the professionalism and customer service focus of this operation. He has a BA from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the Garvin School of International Management (Tunderbird). He has been a Certified Administrator of Public Parking (CAPP) since 1997. He serves the parking industry as a speaker, author, and the airport representative on the IPI Board of Directors. He is on the editorial board of Parking Today, Te Temecula Group, and other IPI commitees. He chaired IPI’s Awards for Excellence Commitee for 7 years. Rick has worked professionally in commercial lending, government auditing, airport management, facility maintenance management, vehicle fleet management, and downtown parking and redevelopment. He has taught evening college business courses and is active in his local church. He is the father of 4 and has been happily married for the past 24 years.

Dale Denda Parking Market Research The Economics of Parking Garage Construction Dale F. Denda is research director of a monthly market intelligence reporting service for the U. S. vehicle parking sector. He has undertaken 6 major market and technical studies among about two dozen stand-alone industry reports and writen several articles on both construction and operational trends. He is cited regularly in general media on specific conditions in the market.

Julie Dixon Serco Municipal Parking Enforcement; What the Heck am I doing with all this Data? Boot Camp (Cities)

As the Serco West Coast Operations Director, Julie Dixon has extensive traffic & parking management experience. She actually began her career as the first parking enforcement officer for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department. She worked with one of the first automated enforcement systems in North America, responsible for implementing and managing Red Light Camera & Speed Enforcement programs throughout the United States. Ms. Dixon has more than 20 years of experience with transportation and parking programs, including the management of the City & County of San Francisco Parking Meter Operation. In 2008, she began providing the administrative management & support of SFpark, the first federally-funded parking project evaluating congestion management and the impacts relating to both on & off street parking, including demand based parking rates. She has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with the solicitation, development, deployment, operation and maintenance of technologies & solutions ranging from automated enforcement systems to municipal parking programs.

Larry Donoghue, P.E. Larry Donoghue Associates, Inc. Many Ways to Steal and How To Stop it with Automated Control Equipment Larry Donoghue has 65 years as a Parking Consultant. He is a Founding Member and Past Chairman of the Council. Te National Parking Association gave him Te Bernie Dutch Memorial Award for Distinguished Service. He is the first Member of the Parking Consultants Council to be elected to its Hall of Fame. He is a former Member of the Board of Directors of the NPA and past Consultants Delegate to the IPI Board of Directors. Mr. Donoghue has conducted extensive research into revenue control. He has documented 360 ways for patrons to cheat or employees to steal parking revenues at Cashier atended parking facilities. Mr. Donoghue provides revenue control related services to Municipalities, Universities, Parking Authorities, Airports, Hospitals and Parking Operators. He also provides Expert Witness services to Atorneys in connection with litigation dealing with alleged theſt of parking revenues by employees of Parking Operators; defense of slip, trip and fall claims by Patrons, and contract disputes between Owners and Parking Operators. He has developed three very effective, and proven training Seminars for Internal Audit Personnel. One relates to Cashier atended parking facilities. Te second deals with detecting fraud in single space parking meter operations. Te most recent Seminar’s title is “How to Detect and Stop Fraud in Facilities with Automated Revenue Control Equipment.”

Robert Fahlstrom City of Chicago Showcase: Automated Parking Systems Robert Fahlstrom, a lifelong Chicago area resident, graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1985 with a Master’s Degree in Architecture and was licensed by the State of Illinois in 1988. Mr. Fahlstrom worked at several area architectural firms including Skidmore Owings Merrill, Harry Weese and Associates and Gelick / Foran Associates. Mr. Fahlstrom was the principle of his own firm Fahlstrom and Fahlstrom Architects from 1991 to 2001. In1992, Mr. Fahlstrom joined the City of Evanston Building Division where he served first as the Supervising Building Inspector and then the Chief Plans Examiner until 2001. Mr. Fahlstrom joined the City of Chicago Building Department in September of 2001 where he has held several management positions. Mr. Fahlstrom currently manages the Regulatory Review Division for the Department of Buildings which includes code writing, technical research and both the Commitee on Standards and Tests and Te Building Board of Appeals.


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