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8:00 AM PPP and how it Worked in Indianapolis Te vendor and the city all weigh in on what is happen- ing with the public private partnership in Indianapolis. Teir hybrid approach hasn’t made headlines but all partners seem comfortable. Hear their story. Michael Huber, City of Indianapolis & Matthew Darst, Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. A Xerox Company

8:00 am-11:00 am Showcase: Automated Parking Systems Tese are mechanical marvels. Tey potentially double the number of cars you can park on a specific piece of land, and could double the cost of the garage, or do they? Tis symposium takes you through the planning, design, construction, and operation of an Automated garage. Automation solves specific problems. Find out what they are and how your program can benefit from them. Presentations by the following:

Robert Fahlstrom, City of Chicago Mr. Fahlstrom currently manages the Regulatory Review Division for the Department of Buildings which includes code writing, technical research and both the Commitee on Standards and Tests and Te Building Board of Appeals.

Don Monahan, Walker Parking Consultants Mr. Monahan is the leading independent authority on automated vehicle storage and retrieval systems in the United States. Over the last eleven years, Don has traveled to Germany, South Korea, and Japan researching automated, mechanical parking systems. He has writen a chapter on mechanical parking in the publication, PARKING STRUCTURES: PLANNING, DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, MAINTENANCE & REPAIR, Tird Edition.

Paula Reddish Zinnemann Ms. Zinnemann is the founding principal of AP Solutions, brings more than 35 years of legal, real estate, government and community experience to this emerging, environmentally sound solution to one of America's most vexing problems; urban parking.

As well as 6 different Automated and Mechanical Parking Structure companies who all have working structures in the United States and all over the world.

9:00 AM Demand Based Pricing It’s known as the “Shoup model.” Does it work? Teory is one thing, but fact is another. Aſter nearly a year of running in the trenches, find out how one major city fared in its atempt to bring scholarship to real life. Did parking space open up? Did congestion begin to wane? What really happened? Dan Mitchell, City of Los Angeles

9:00 AM Cloud Computing Cloud computing. You may not know it, but most likely your operation is using this cuting edge technology right now. Are you connected to the internet? Do you take payments or collect data using a browser? Should you be? An internationally known expert talks about where parking technology must go. Dr. Harald Raetzsch, Skidata AG

9:00 AM PPP – Will it Work at the University Level? Universities, consultants, and vendors weigh in on this touchy topic. At the University level parking is personal, very personal. Does the selling or leasing of a major parking asset make sense? How does one control the charges when someone else is in charge? Sarah Blouch, Ohio State University

10:00 AM Speed Networking You’ve heard of ‘speed dating’; speed networking allows atendees to get one-on-one with at least 40 others and exchange contact information for future use. It’s fast and it’s fun.

11:00 AM-2:30 PM Tradeshow

2:30 PM Strategic Planning at the University Level You show up every day and think you have moved from the parking department to the fire department. Do you have a strategic plan? What should be in it? Who do you involve in its preparation? What is your mission, your vision, your goals? Bob Harkins, University of Texas Ginny Griffins, University of North Texas

2:30 PM What the Heck am I doing with all this Data? OK, you have collected data using everything from handhelds to the cloud. You have it in spread sheets and files. Now what? What good is it if you don’t use it? How can it help? Will you set rates, focus enforcement, defer maintenance? Julie Dixon, Serco

2:30 PM Many Ways to Steal and How To Stop it with Automated Control Equipment Te dean of revenue control brings many decades of experience to the lectern as he lists and expands on his research in revenue control. Larry Donoghue, Larry Donoghue & Associates

3:30 PM JVH vs Parking Wars? It’s the show that PT editor John Van Horn loves to hate. Is Parking Wars good for Parking? Does the media, and Hollywood in particular have it in for us? Is this the image we want to show? How can we solve this “gee, parking is a scuzzy business like garbage collection” problem? JVH holds forth and pulls no punches. Come and agree, disagree, or just shake your head. John Van Horn, Parking Today

3:30 PM University Programs – Starved for Cash? A university’s biggest concern – a lack of knowledge about operational costs combined with vanishing real estate for parking and the fact that higher ed. is strapped for cash. Combine all these and a perfect storm is brewing for parking and transportation programs. Barbara Chance, Chance Management Advisors

3:30 PM – 5:30 PM Revenue Control and Hands on Auditing Te singular most popular and best atended seminar at previous PIEs. Te industry expert on revenue control and auditing takes the gloves off and tells it like it is. Hear him defend his case that up to 30% of the revenue in most operations never gets collected. Don’t believe it? He has the proof. Tis one seminar is worth the trip to Chicago. Don’t miss it.. Dennis Cunning, DLC Consulting

4:30 PM What Happens When you Go from 20 below to 100 above? A city parking manager moved from New Hampshire to Las Vegas, Nevada, from a comfortable job running a medium sized program to a huge city with no parking program at all. What now? Hear about the first nine months on the job. As she said aſter the honeymoon period “Let the fun begin.” Brandy Stanley, City of Las Vegas

5:30 PM International Atendee Reception

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

8:00 AM Creating a Customer Service Climate at Airports and Beyond It doesn’t just happen, if you want customer service, you have to work at it. Find out how RFP Contents and Process Management make a customer service difference.

8:00 AM Apps, Information, and the City – Go High Tech for Free A high tech company talks about how a city can offer parking guidance to folks on smart phones and their web site at litle or no cost. Matthew Hurewitz, Parking In Motion Frederick Bredemeyer, ConsulPark

9:00 AM Single Space Meters, Gone, or Here to Stay? Tis round table involves city parking managers who elected to keep single space meters over multi- space units. Why? What technology is out there to help make your decision? Frank Ching, City of Santa Monica & the Single Space Meter Companies

9:00 AM Building Tomorrow’s Steel-Framed Parking Structures Today Te popularity of steel-framed parking structures is growing nationwide. Many owners, developers, and designers are realizing that steel-framed parking structures have a clear advantage in economy and durability. Monica Shripka, American Institute of Steel Construction

10:00 AM Multi Space Meters (Pay by Space/ Display) – Cities are Flocking to Tem Find out why. Presented by both cities and vendors, learn about this technology, its costs, its savings, and its benefits. When you make your decision, have all the facts. Tis is where to get them.

Bill Knobeloch, Madison, WI & P and D, P by S Manufacturers

10:00 AM Credit Cards and PCI Ok, you take credit cards. What is your liability? Are you PCI Compliant? Your staff thinks so, but when the FBI knocks on your door, you had beter have the right information. Brett Johnson, TSYS Merchant Solutions, Fabien Pesenti, SIx Card Solutions

Some of the presentations may fluctuate – check for up to the moment information.


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