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Permits: 6 Citations: Populatio


Population: 59,946 Citations: 50,000/Y Year

Permits: 6,400/Y

AIMS CUSTOMER PROFILE: City of Santa Cruz, CA he City City of Sa


MS CUSTOME on: 59,946

: 50,000/Year 6,400/Year

ity parking citations had been on an HP legacy system for over two decades, so we had many concerns about conversion o current sof oftware. EDC/AIMStware. EDC/AIMS met our needs and requirements, ds and requirements, was lost in the

over two dec many concer tto current so met our need and nothing w

ity parkin g citations had been on an HP legacy system for cades, so we had

rns about conversion

and nothing was lost in the ttransfer and deployment of the new system. EDC worked with he city to connect a number of onnect a number of custom interf faces, and made sure ked together smoothly

ransfer and deployment of the new system. EDC worked with tthe city to co

custom interfaces, and made sure tthey all work

The user training was fun, and AIMS has a l ogic that is pretty easy The trouble-free AIMSIMS nt module has been d by the public. It has

hey all worked together smoothly. The user tra ining was fun, and

AIMS has a logic that is pretty easy tto navigate. T

eb payment module has been welwell receivedl received by the public. It has significantly reduced staff hours rocess payments.

o navigate. The trouble-free Web paymen

significantly reduced staff hours needed to pr

The staff is friendly and effective, and they listen to the needs of their customers. Software updates include reports, options and features that their clients have asked for. They are a pleasure to work with, and a breath of fres

have asked f and features updates incl of their custo and they list The staff is f EDC is a won

for. They are a s that their clients ude reports, options omers. Software en to the needs friendly and effective, nderful organization.

breath of fresh air in our phone- tree business

tree business world. Claudia Carlson

s world.

Parking Office Supervisor City of Santa Cruz

City of Santa Parking Offic Claudia Carls

ce Supervisor son

a Cruz Visit www.ed AIMS EDC AIMS MS

sh air in our phone- work with, and a

needed to process payments. EDC is a wonderful organization.

Sign-on Portal Single $

Equipment Receipt Printer Cash Drawer

Barcode Scanner Firewall

AIMS Secure Web Server Apache/MIIS

PHP 4.3+ or 5.0+ SSL

AIMS Application Server

Oracle 11gr2


AIMS Client PC’s Ticket Payments cket Appeals

Permit Payments Counter Inquiries Billing Generation a

Perm Customer

Ticket Payment Ticket Appeal

View Appeal Results

Permit Registration/Renewal Permit Payment Account Review

Apply to Waiting List Update Account Information Corporation

n c to bo

AIS Enforcement PC Handheld Files Warning Codes

Permit Information

File Scheduler Schedule

Automated Tasks Hand

Handheld Enforcement to book a product tour

edc-aim com to bo ok a product tou r Website:

Toll Free: 800-886-6316 Email: See us at the PIE booth #316

800-886- sales@edc-a 6316

East Coast S ur.

r. m

East Coast Sales: West Coast Sales: 877-277-6771

Sales: 800-886-6316 Sales:

cement dheld

S Client PC’s ket Payments Ticket Appeals mit Payments unter Inquiries ng Generation and More...

Local/Network Printer Reports

Billing Letters Statements

Letter Generation Correspondence


ER PROFILE: Ci ity of Santa C ruz, CA T

issues ts e

owner den ific ticket

icket payments are processed via the AIMS We in ude

ues its own parkining ci er iidentification, c ents

info information lookup and registration holds, real time inter One-S ep POS

include data exchange to the Califo n nf ma io

ex ha lo

ers, residential parking permits as well in an effo effort to streamline that program.

writing computers, and billinling letter export fo services. The City is also beginnin in

One-Step POS database, inter in co

er ices. Th City esiden

ermits in

SY TEM CONFIGU ATURATION   8 Concurrentt User

ser Liic g cense

 AIIMS Web+ -Commeeb+ E-Commerce External Bill Mailing

A MS AIMS Web Configuration

Authentication E-Commerce Credit Card Verification

Touch Net Credit Card

 External Bill Mailing

cense erce


eginning to use AIMS to issue ff


mana ha

f eg ra io in rface

liforniia DMV VPN fo lds,

MV VP legac hir ts ur

ion, ciitatioion billing, ces

Santa Cruz Cruz wen i citatiio

eg er im in rface

e face with legacy third party ha let er exp

ent llive with AIMS inAIMS in Novem er 2008 Th C ty ons and uses AIMS fo mana in ling, payments, ents, voiid

es AIMS for managing vehicle ds and appeals. Onlin

ember 2008.. The Ciity hicle

s. Online

AIMSWeb modulele. Custom interfaces for registered owner e face with CORE ty handheld ticket in in

RE ld ic et

for outsourced printing & mailing ue and manage city city lin

ma lin ogram.

in erfaces er

 Electronic Cita  Point of Sale S CORE Interface

 CORE Interface

Configur AIMS Clien

CORE One-Step Interface

AIMS Client/Server Configuration

nt/Server ration

AIMS Hangtag Printer Hangtags Decals

Electronic Citations Issuance Point of Sale Solution

ations Issuance Solution

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