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point of sale

– unlike most other places in the world, which is Chip and Pin – the Motion CL900 SlateMate with magnetic stripe reader (MSR) and barcode scanner (BCS) can effectively turn a Motion tablet PC into a retail Point of Sale terminal in the US. “Users have a choice of using our tablets for assisted selling without SlateMate, or with SlateMate in order to be able to take payment with the device as they’re walking around with the customer. And within hospitality, even at racetracks, you can find mobile devices being used for taking bets where people may have loyalty cards or accounts with bookies. This type of use isn’t just a good means of identification, it’s also a good means of marketing and tracking.”


Within the construction sector, tablet PCs can prove invaluable in providing real-time, point-of-construction information that can improve productivity and lower project costs. According to Motion, its tablet PCs have been proven to decrease project schedules by up to 20 per cent while also saving personnel four to eight hours of time out of their schedule per week. The tablets can also facilitate faster decision-making through allowing users to access and mark-up plans and drawings anywhere on site. Additionally, the tablets can ensure the user is able to track and monitor project progress and job site safety in the field, and reduce risk due to real time data capture of inspections, punch lists and schedule updates. Plus, the tablets’ rugged and mobile design and inclusion of toughened Gorilla Glass ensure they

are fit for purpose in the more challenging user environments, keeping downtime to a minimum. And through its Construction Partner Network, Motion can assess construction customers’ workflows and collaborate with its partners to develop, deliver and support specific construction administration requirements.

“Typically, the kind of device you are likely to see in construction will be our F- Series or the J-Series, more so than the CL,” explained Owens. “This is mainly because if the company doesn’t have wireless on-site and is effectively holding resident the program and the data for

Motion’s C5v Mobile Clinical Assistant, even ensure easier device disinfection . Proven tablet PCs can in essence save time, reduce errors and ensure that the most up-to-date information is accessible by clinicians throughout all stages of the care delivery process.

Field service And there are similar benefits to be had within the wide-ranging field service sector. Advantages can include: faster access to information needed to run the business; higher productivity levels when mobile; efficient automation of forms, contracts and processes; greater access to data at the Point of Sale or

We started thinking about both the ideal mobile solutions and the integration requirements that are needed for just about any type of mobile worker. This is why we have generalised these requirements under the term Point of Service.”

what it’s trying to do – be it survey, inspection, etc. – then it would need a tablet PC with stronger processing power.” Owens also pointed out that there is also often the need for a device that comes with the relevant IP rating; for example, for protection against dust and water ingress. “So, in addition to having a larger screen and reliable outdoor screen viewability, it often comes down to processing power and suitably rugged form factor within the construction sector,” he said.

Healthcare and life sciences Within the health and life sciences sector, tablet PCs can prove invaluable in providing increased clinician mobility and accessibility; automation of forms, processes and workflows; greater access to data at the point of care; and the elimination of duplicate efforts. Within this sector, tablet PCs can also facilitate real-time communications; help improve patient charge compliance; improve workflow with single integrated data capture device; and, with a tablet PC such as


Point of Service; the elimination of duplicate efforts, such as re-keying data; the enablement of constant, real-time communications; and the development and delivery of sales presentations on the go. For field service professionals, proven tablet PCs can be powerful productivity tools used to access, enter and transmit up-to-the-minute data; communicate constantly; close sales deals and contracts; and analyse, report and act on data findings while in the field. In the case of Motion’s J3500, F5v and CL900 tablets, these can also offer ergonomic, lightweight slate form factors that are durable enough to protect against environmental conditions and accidental situations, without the higher price typically associated with fully ruggedised computers.


Gunn concluded by emphasising that Motion values its partner community in every aspect; from the software developers to the value-added resellers that take Motion tablets and other ancillary equipment and build the complete solution to ensure it works to the maximum benefit of end users in whatever vertical sector they may be serving. “Our partners are a really critical factor for us,” she said. 


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