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felt afraid that we weren’t up to the challenge? What if we were willing to own our potency… would we still be running away or hiding?

love… now is the time to step up. Now is the time to know what you stand for and to make the choice to rattle cages that are important to you.

“How often have we stepped away from an amazing opportunity

because we felt afraid that we weren’t up to the challenge?”

Is making yourself small actually contributing anything to your mojo of flow or is it shutting it down so that no-one feels threatened by your potency? Are you really will- ing to live and die having no im- pact on the world? I don’t think so if you are reading this!! We are not the pathetic, shy, uninspiring, lim- ited beings our acting small has us believe!

I used to be so insecure I wouldn’t put my real name on the internet (yes, hard to believe now!) I used to be so shy I wouldn’t go to net- working events without my friends. Even though I was a very compe- tent speaker, I would do anything to get out of speaking to an audience. When I was in burnout, all of these things felt impossible and stressful. So if you are exhausted or burned out, change that first. I’m definitely not suggesting you load your mis- ery heap even higher!

If you are in a great energetic space and your mojo is starting to flow I know you are starting to wonder where you can have the most im- pact…

What it would take to be you and change the world… How you can do more of what you truly

Own the space! This journey to potency was ac- celerated for me when I did a little time-travelling (one of my favourite play-times). In a guided meditation I went into the future and saw huge, huge, huge audiences, and I was out the front, leading and speaking.

The first time I saw it I had a com- plete freakout.

I did not want to

be this visible! It terrified me! But I did have a knowing that this was a real possibility and it would be a really good idea to sort out the freakout stuff if I wanted to play big. With the help of a very competent counsellor and some energy heal- ing friends I was soon willing to talk in front of any audience that would listen to me.

With some further work, I am now willing to own the space wherever I am. I will not be invisible! I will not be ignored. I will make an impact whether I open my mouth or not. When you are willing to be the full potency of who you are, your en- ergy can change everything for the people you connect with. Your be- lief in yourself, your knowing of your true capacities and your choice to be seen creates a mojo of flow that

can only stop if you bow down to the judgment, the expectations and the separations of others… what if you make the choice to lead just by being the magic of you?

If you have ever totally owned your space just once, then you have the capacity to do it again whenever you choose. So what is the value in refusing to be everything you can be? What is the value in being less than? What is the value in being small and insignificant? Would you be willing to uncreate and destroy everything you have made more valuable than you here?

We think of power as a force for making

something happen. But

what if it is really about being aware of where we can put our energy so that anything we desire can be changed? Everything has energy. What happens when we ask that energy to support our dreams and visions? What happens when we are willing to ask for everything and not have a point of view about what shows up? The universe al- ways delivers more than we imag- ine possible.

Would you be willing to be the one who can tip the scales of change? Would you be willing to be the cat-

“...what if you make the choice to lead just by being the magic of you?”


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