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Power is the ability to control and command authority and be in charge of others. Power is interest- ing to have but you must handle it properly.

Whenever I think of

women and power, the first person that comes to my mind is Miranda Priestly; the lead character in the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. You cannot help but envy the au- thority she portrayed in the work place and how everything revolved around her. And if you can just top that kind of influence with a spiri- tual power you are unstoppable.

In the corporate world, most peo- ple prefer a male manager over a female manager. It is perceived that female bosses are not as humane as their male counterparts. They

‘‘Being a female manager is quite challenging especially in an indus- try like mine; banking. It is still per- ceived as a male dominated envi- ronment due to the hours of work. You never really stop working even when you close from the office.

A woman is constantly reminded of her family obligation when she starts to rise to positions of power. Our female responsibility is often used as an excuse to make women play second fiddle.

see women who have risen to pow- erful positions as ruthless and less tolerant.

In my interview with a female bank- er who has over 100 employees re- porting to her, she provided insight into the world of a female manager.

The most important thing as a fe- male in a place of power, is to al- ways have an outlook of self con- fidence and a good knowledge of your job at all times. A lot of people will be looking out for a show of self doubt or lack of knowledge. It is very important that you always wear a bold and confident ap- pearance at all times. This helps to command respect from your sub- ordinates. It is very important that you give your subordinates room to relate with you. The pressure of work has made some women hard and impersonal. This should not be so’’.

In my opinion, women have always and continue to sacrifice more to get to high ranking positions within

is constantly reminded of her family obligation when she starts to rise to positions of power. Our female re- sponsibility is often used as an ex- cuse to make women play second fiddle to the male folk in the work place. But in recent times there is a shift, women are moving gradually to positions of power and affluence. The number of female presidents and female heads of corporations is rising and will continue to rise. is possible to have it all: power, success, and rela- tionships.”

Every woman wants power, be it fi- nancial, political, personal or spiri- tual. Power is a great accessory, it makes a person respected and re- vered. For women, rising to a place of power in any area of life comes with a price especially for the mar- ried woman with a family. But the new breed of women say it is pos- sible to have it all: power, success, and relationships. All we need is a little balance and support.

To get to positions of power you must have a reason and a strategy or plan to get there. To have sus- tainable power you must have a strong WHY; which is your driving force and motivator.

the work environment than their male counterparts. A man is gener- ally perceived as the main provider of financial income in the home and as such, he is allowed to work late into the night to ‘provide’ for the family. A woman, on the other hand


Why do you want power? 1. To prove a Point? 2. To be taken seriously? 3. To be respected? 4. To add value?

5. To achieve your dream and fulfil your purpose?

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