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Conferance 2009 And rnational

Ko Aung talked about his experience about what had hap- pened to him in his country. All of things had happened on 8th August 1988, also knows as 8888. Mr. Ko Aung gathered a group of students; the group was called “The Red Fight- ing Peacocks.” They were fighting for freedom of speech, because students in Burma are not allowed to have a voice. This demonstration resulted in him being captured and tortured, for 6 months. It was frightening he said, but he stayed strong in his mind. As he quoted “they can do what they like to you but if you stay strong in your mind they will never win.” They protested outside a local Town Hall, which was surrounded by the military. Ko knew that they would not shoot as Burma is a Buddhist country and embassies were close by, so they felt safe. Some people fled out of fear but he didn’t. That day his friend (a young 13 year old girl) climbed on to an armoured truck and pleaded “Don’t Shoot, We Want Peace” but they didn’t care and shot her in front of him. Ko did try to stop her but he couldn’t, she got there before he could do anything. Ko now works for the BBC as a sound technician, but he wants to go back and start campaigns. As a part time job he is also a legal advisor for asylum seekers from Burma. It was an emotional and great speech. Everybody in the hall was silent, as he left with something in everyone’s heart. Amandeep Khera – Year 9 journalist from the BBC News School Report 2009

“they can do what they like to you but if you stay strong in your mind they will never win.”

Durdle Door

In October 2009, as part of the International Student Conference, a group of students from Mongolia came to Villiers and with some students from here went to Durdle Door. For the guests from Mongolia, this was a remarkable experience as many of them had never felt the sand or water flowing through their toes.

I met a different culture, new people, friends, with whom I have been ex- changing letters, and I can improve my English. I am glad to have seen most of the famous London sights. I liked the host family a lot… I liked London and the trip exceeded all my expectations. (Susan, 14

yrs Czech Republic)

It was valuable experience; we could practise English and since we were staying in a Muslim neighbourhood, we learnt about a differ- ent culture. (Anna, 14 yrs Czech Republic)


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