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Ball Review


RADICAL: RACK ATTACK SOLID 52.5 Hook 14 Length 14 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The Rack Attack Grape Solid features a low-friction coverstock with a dull finish and will provide smoother mid-lane hook motion on light to medium oil, making it an excel- lent option for when modern technology balls are a bit too much,” says Radical technology designer Mo Pinel. “Just keep in mind that the Rack Attack Solid will provide traction in oil with an overall smoother ball motion than our current perfor- mance balls. The addition of these balls gives Radical a complete line of ball motions, encom- passing every bowler on every lane condition.”

Core: The upside-down light bulb symmetric core has an RG of 2.542 and a low differential of .024. We saw about 3 inches of flare.

Coverstock: The grape-colored, solid reactive

coverstock comes out of the box with a 500/4000 SiaAir matte finish. We measured an RA value of 6.60 and effective surface grit of 3670.

Overview: The Rack Attack Solid brings more hook than most entry level balls — three more boards than the Grease Monkey Whack (March 2015), with a smoother and earlier breakpoint. On the Stone Street pattern, we saw a smooth, heavy arc motion that gave us a lot of confidence to play the track area — around 12 or 13 at the arrows, out to five- or six-board at the 44-foot breakpoint, according to CATS. The ball maintained its strong arcing motion through the pin deck while keeping the pins low. It cut through the conditioner easily for an entry-level ball. On the lower volume house pattern, we played around

16-board at the arrows and to seven or eight at the 44-foot mark with good continuation. As a matter of fact, the Rack Attack Solid never seemed to lose its energy through the pocket, while blending out the back-end friction. On both of the USBC Open patterns, we got lined up around 14 at the arrows, sending it out to the seven-board at the 44- to 45-foot breakpoint. However, it seemed a little strong for these patterns with our layouts. With a weaker layout, it would be a good choice for those or similar Sport patterns. Entry-level bowlers facing some volume on the lanes will be getting a lot for their money with this ball. Tournament players with high rev rates will love this ball because of the strong, heavy arcing motion and predictability on the backend.

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