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‘FIXING’ YOUR RELEASE “Bowlers tend to spend so much time worrying about their release that their balance and their footwork isn’t very good.

They try to get their release to fix every- thing, but it’s hard to have your release fix things that are wrong.” — Bowling coach, Mark Baker

HOW TO USE YOUR LEGS “The step before the slide has to be short in order to get your power. You need to be firm and strong at that foul line, and you

can’t be if that first step is really long.” — USBC Gold coach, Pat Costello

FIND YOUR UNIQUENESS “To be successful in bowling today, you have to have some uniqueness. I think the thing that’s unique about my game is the way I loft the ball. That sometimes allows me to stay farther right than most players, because I take the front part of the lane out of play. More bowlers should work on finding their uniqueness, and taking advantage of it.” —14-time PBA Tour champion, Mika Koivuniemi

REPEAT TO COMPETE Diana Zavjalova has one of the most unique arm swings in the game today, featuring a kind of slicing side-swipe of an upswing that hooks to the left of her face at the finish. Perhaps it is the sort of thing a bowling “purist” might scoff at, but to those whose minds are as open as their eyes, it is apparent that Zavjalova’s ability to repeat the same precise motion on shot after shot renders advice such as “straighten your arm swing” obsolete. “I can repeat my swing the way it is,” Zavjalova says. “That’s what matters.” Check out this slow-motion video analysis of Zav- jalova’s distinctive swing, with opening remarks from 18-time PBA Tour titlist, Chris Barnes.

DON’T GET CAUGHT UP WITH HOOK “Everybody’s caught up with hook. It’s fun to watch; but on the fresh, you don’t want to be

hooking the whole lane. You want to start off straighter and then utilize that part of your game in transition. No one way is the best way. If you can repeat your shots, what’s wrong with throwing it straight?” — Five-time PBA Tour champion, Bob Learn Jr.

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