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Up Front Osku Palermaa OVERPOWERED Finland’s Osku Palermaa is

not known for being kind to the pins. The powerful four- time PBA titlist’s revved-up game has brought him notori- ety, along with Jason Belmon- te, as one of the world’s most celebrated two-handers. But, that is the thing about

bowling pins. They do not know who you are or what you have done. And the thing about knocking them over is this: No matter how hard you blast them, they always, even- tually, are gathered together again and reset, challenging you to do it again. That is just the attitude Palermaa encoun- tered in a pesky 3-pin during a game at the PBA Xtra Frame Maine Shootout at Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine, in March. The PBA’s Youtube video,


titled, “Bowling Pin Impossibly Defies World’s Strongest Bowl- er,” shows Palermaa pounding

the pocket with all the sound and fury for which his flashy game has become known since


SINGLE PIN IMPROBABLY DEFIES ‘WORLD’S STRONGEST BOWLER.’ //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

his televised TV debut at the 2004 U.S. Open. He then watch- es in disbelief as a 3-pin some- how lunges out of the gutter, tomahawks through the air, and lands on the 10-pin spot. Palermaa clearly cannot


believe what he has seen. The score monitor could not be- lieve it, either. It marked the shot a strike. Mike Jakubowski, the PBA’s play-by-play an- nouncer on ESPN and Xtra Frame, puts it this way: “The scoreboard marked it a strike, but, unfortunately, the lane didn’t.”

THE REST OF THE STORY And now, to quote the great Paul Harvey, for the rest of the story. If Palermaa is not known to be kind to the pins on strike shots, then he is particularly unkind as a spare shooter, throwing his spare ball so hard it is as though he is offended that any pin had the audacity to remain standing. On the shot following the 3-pin-turned-10-pin, he had every reason to demonstrate that power. Which is precisely what he did.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////// June 2015 10

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