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Ball Review MOTIV: REBEL TANK 41 Hook 14 Length 13 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The Rebel Tank is a sanded pearl with a urethane shell,” says Motiv’s Scott Hewitt. “The original military green Tank [June 2013] featured Ballistix urethane, but this new Rebel Tank has the same DMX ure- thane shell that we used on the Arctic Sniper spare ball [not reviewed]. We also changed the core. Instead of using the Gear core, the Rebel Tank uses the Halogen core, which provides a higher RG for slightly more energy retention.”

Core: The Halogen symmetric core has an RG of 2.55 and a .037 differential. We saw about 2 inches of flare.

Coverstock: The Rebel is wrapped up with the black and gray Pearl DMX urethane coverstock. It comes out of the factory at 4000 grit LSP, and

has an RA value of 10.71 and an effective sur- face grit of 2430.

Overview: The Rebel Tank is a true blue ure- thane — definitely a ball for shorter oil and drier conditions. This is a ball you can use on a light- er house pattern playing in the track area. We played around 10 at the arrows out to six-board at the 44-foot mark, according to our CATS. The ball was smooth and very “rolly” through the pins, just like an old-fashioned urethane. On the Stone Street pattern, the Tank wasn’t real- ly strong enough, but we could keep it in play from far outside. The length and volume of this pattern made it tough to create carry. On the USBC Open patterns, we played from an out- side angle and pointed to the pocket. We were around the three- or four-board at the arrows to


the six- or seven-board at the 43-foot mark on our CATS. The ball kept us in play on these pat- terns and allowed us to play in the dirt and have a smooth motion to the pocket. The advantages of urethane are that you always know where you stand and it keeps you in play. Bowlers who need a ball for shorter oil or lighter conditions would do well with the Rebel Tank. It was longer than the original Tank and had a little more kick on the backend. High rev players will need this ball in their tournament bag for those over-re- acting or shorter oil conditions that call for a smooth-rolling ball.


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