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900 GLOBAL: RESPECT PEARL 52 Hook 18 Length 18 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “More length, more length,” says 900 Global’s Thomas Restey. “That’s what you’re going to get out of the Respect Pearl compared to the original [February 2015]. We’ve modified the core densities in the original Respect’s Tetra symmetric core to slightly raise the RG and lower the differential and promote a later reaction downlane. Wrapped in our 74 Response pearl coverstock, the Respect Pearl will fill a shape in the 900 Global line below the Dream [August 2014].”

Core: The Tetra symmetrical core has an RG of 2.52 and a medium differential of .047. We saw 4 to 5 inches of flare. This is the same core used in the Respect, which Chris Barnes used to win the DHC Japan PBA Invitational with a televised 300 game.

Coverstock: The red, silver and orange 74 Response Pearl cover is the pearl version of the Respect’s hybrid coverstock. It is finished with a 1500-grit polish. The RA is 1.79 and the effective surface grit is 5970.

Overview: The Respect and Respect Pearl, though similar in motion, complement each other well with the different moves off the breakpoint — smoother with the original, and more angular with the pearl. The Respect Pearl is two or three boards left and provides a stronger angular motion on the backend than the pearl Dream On (December 2014). On Stone Street, we moved only a couple of boards right from where we were with the original Respect, around 10-board at the arrows to six-board at the 46- to 47-foot

breakpoint, according to CATS. The clean motion through the front and the angular backend allowed us to open up the lane once it transitioned through a couple games. On the USBC Team pattern, we got lined up around the 11-board at the arrows and projected out to four- or five-board at the 46-foot breakpoint. The Respect Pearl is probably not the best choice for that fresh condition because it was too strong and angular off the spot. It will, however, be a great second or third ball out of your bag when you need the extra length and backend. It also will work well on lighter house patterns. This ball might be a little too jumpy for some, but with the correct speed, it would work well. Slower ball speed players will want this ball because it glides through the heads easily with a strong back-end motion.

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