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Ball Review


49 Hook 16.5 Length 17 Breakpoint Shape MOTIV: GRAFFITI TAG

Manufacturer’s Intent: “On light oil, the Graffiti Tag provides maximum drift to reach deep to the backend of the lane, where it unleashes an explosive response to friction,” says Motiv’s Scott Hewitt. “The Halogen core’s high RG helps provide the length needed, and the moderate differential generates ample track flare. With this new technology [cover], the Graffiti Tag is able to get down the lane easily without expending a great deal of ener- gy. League bowlers that are rev-dominant will appreciate the energy retention provided by the new Agility MXR shell. Often, these bowl- ers experience too much energy loss mid-lane, which results in poor continuation. The Graffiti Tag will allow [tournament players] to play in the burn and bounce off a dry spot deep at the backend of the lane.”

Core: The Halogen symmetric core has a high RG of 2.55 and a .037 differential. We saw about 3 inches of flare.

Coverstock: The new asphalt black MXR pearl reactive coverstock is sanded with 5500 grit LSP. We measured an RA value of 1.96 and effective surface grit of 5490.

Overview: The Graffiti Tag brings a lot to the game for the price, and is versatile on sever- al conditions. This ball comes harder off the spot than we would expect from a solid cover- stock, yet the solid cover allows the Tag to roll through the pins with good carry, even on pat- terns with a little more volume in the heads. On the light house pattern, it got through the fronts easily, made a strong motion off the backend,

and kept the pins low for good carry. We got in around 17 at the arrows and out to five- or six-board at the 46-foot breakpoint, according to CATS. On the longer Stone Street pattern, we could play more in the track area, but the length didn’t create any issues with over/under reaction because of the solid coverstock, which still provided a strong flip on the backend. On the fresh USBC Open patterns, it was a little too aggressive in the backend. We did find a shot around 11 at the arrows out to around the five-board at the 46-foot mark if our shot was pure, but this ball definitely would be a great number three ball once the lanes start opening up and the sweet spot to the right is formed. It is a good choice for bowlers with slower ball speeds who need length with a strong back- end reaction.

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