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57 Hook 14 Length 15 Breakpoint Shape 900 GLOBAL: DREAM BIG

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The name says it all on the Dream Big,” says 900 Global Director of Multimedia and Marketing, Thomas Restey. “We’ve taken our low RG, high differential asym- metric Identity core from the Dream [August 2014] and Dream On [December 2014] and wrapped it with the first solid version of our 79 Alert coverstock. Expect this ball to really pick up in the middle part of the lane without losing much angle at the breakpoint. The Dream Big will stand alone as [providing] the most aggres- sive overall shape in the 900 Global product line.”

Core: The Identity asymmetric core has a low RG of 2.48, a high differential of .054, and a high intermediate differential of .024. We saw 5 inch- es of flare.

Coverstock: The pink, blue and black 79 Alert solid cover is sanded with 4000 grit. We mea- sured an RA value of 12.15 and an effective sur- face grit of 2820.

Overview: The Dream Big fits in nicely with the Engineer series, providing more hook, read- ing the pattern early and hitting like a train. As we know, our Stone Street testing pattern does have some length to it. The Dream Big picked up in the midlane sooner than the Dream On — at 44-45 feet versus 46-47 feet, according to CATS. We were two boards left with our feet from where we were with the Dream On, and had some room for error. The coverstock on this ball allows speed-dominant players to get in their comfort zone quicker on heavi- er or longer patterns. Although this is a fairly

aggressive ball, the adjustments were predict- able, with the smooth motion blending out the wet/dry house pattern. Terrance indicated that the Dream Big probably would have been too strong on the USBC Team pattern, but might have provided a better look on the Doubles/ Singles condition, on which we got lined up playing 12 at the arrows to five-board at the 45-foot breakpoint. But we really needed to be clean with our release. A weaker layout would benefit most bowlers on both USBC patterns. On the light house pattern, this big ball allowed us to play around 17 at the arrows to the six- board at the 46-foot breakpoint. It opened up the pattern without losing its drive, unlike many big balls that tend to burn up too quickly. Lower rev rate and/or speed-dominant players will love this ball.

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