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TECHNOLOGY: SHOWCASE { }Lifesize moves to the Cloud

Last month Lifesize launched a new approach to HD videoconferencing, the Lifesize Cloud. The solution, which is modelled on SaaS, was developed after research revealed companies are taking a more flexible approach when it comes to IT and communication deployments company-wide. Lifesize Cloud is based on

a yearly subscription to a service that allows companies to deploy a central system and then offer remote access via desktop, mobile or any other smart-enabled device. Central to the system is the ICON unit, which is installed into the company’s boardroom (although Lifesize Cloud can integrate with existing systems and ones

from other vendors). This comprises a 10x zoom camera or a 3x zoom camera; a codec capable of delivering images a 1080p60 resolution; and a sleek remote control to operate the unit. Remote participants

have the Lifesize Cloud software installed onto their device and can dial into a videoconferencing session ad hoc – a factor the company says distinguishes its solution from similar offerings already on the market, as these other systems often need VC meetings to have synchronised starts. Another key component of the system is the incorporation of a directory which allows users to see the availability of others – who is

offline, who is available for VC meetings and who is currently engaged in a call. The system uses

compression technology to allow stable HD images from 500kb of internet connection. Lifesize stresses the important role its partners will have in helping this solution reach its potential: integrators and resellers can add to the VC room experience by adding AV with screens, audio capture and speakers – something that is becoming integral to VC deployments as customers demand immersive, real-to-life meeting experiences. In addition, Lifesize says

integrators can achieve similar margins as on-premise VC solutions with the Cloud service. Integrators will have ownership of renewals (as it’s based on a yearly subscription licensing model), and recurring revenue streams through the availability of stats, which can then be relayed to the end user.

Distributor partners of the company will have control over the lead process and can add value by demoing the product.

{ } Imago’s pay-monthly VC solution

Last year, European video solutions distributor Imago simplified its VaaS-t Cloud- based videoconferencing service by making it a monthly subscription package. Much like a mobile phone

contract, the service offers flexibility in that Imago offers videoconferencing at a flat monthly subscription charge, meaning users can deploy the service as often as necessary without incurring any additional costs. Not only does this offer ease of access, it also means companies won’t have to shell out for upfront systems.

In terms of what’s in it for the integrator, resellers can offer the new subscription packages to customers of all sizes with a range of videoconferencing needs. The solution is available in three options: the VaaS-t 8, which enables the subscriber to

68 June 2014

invite up to eight individuals into a videoconference from both inside or outside their organisation; then there are the Vaas-t 16 and VaaS-t 25 packages, which (quite obviously) support 16 and 25 VC meeting participants, respectively.

The hosted service is based on award-winning video collaboration technology

from Vidyo, which ensures that the service is available through virtually any internet or 3G connection anywhere in the world. This enables the weblink accessible solution to deliver telepresence-quality videoconferencing to devices including desktop or laptop PCs, tablets, iPhones and Android mobiles.

prototypes are central to the VC discussion? It simply isn’t good enough

to purely hold the object up to the videoconferencing camera; images become distorted and the true detail of the object is lost. Plus it may interfere with the session’s natural progression. This is precisely why WolfVision has developed the VZ-C6 Ceiling Visualiser – to enable companies to share such material live in Full HD quality during VC sessions. The Austrian company is in a prime position to mark its territory in the VC market with this product. It has a complete line of ceiling and desktop visualiser systems for lectures, seminars and education purposes, and has transferred that knowledge into the realms of VC to ensure companies have an optional accessory that could be seen as a critical piece to the VC jigsaw. This is especially

The award-winning elegantly designed ceiling device features high-performance imaging capability. The device is ceiling mountable, and can be recessed into a suspended ceiling. Other features include a synchronised light field to make it easy to operate during VC; onboard HD recording facility for easy archiving of material; and the ability to record handwritten notes and annotations.

{ }

WolfVision VZ-C6 narrows the focus

It’s all well and good for organisations to implement top-of-the-range videoconferencing systems for employees to communicate and share knowledge effectively, but what about when material such as products, designs and

pertinent if a company often relies on physical documents or objects, such as motor vehicle companies. As for the device itself, the VZ-C6 is the newest addition to WolfVision’s specialist range of visualisation equipment.

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